Me A Geek?

I have been interested in the technology world most of my life.  It never occurred to me that I could be considered a geek.  Wasn’t a geek someone who sat in class with you in high school and had their glasses taped to keep them together?  Oh and I think I remember that the most of them had pocket protectors to keep the ink off of their shirts.  Heck, I could have used one of those for my purse as I was always getting ink on the lining.  What did I know?  I wasn’t a geek.

Last year, I joined a site called Geeks.  A friend invited me and I thought, what the heck, I will check it out.  I joined not having a clue as to how to get around the site.  If it had not been for one person telling me a few things, I probably would not still be there.  One day, this person put me a comment on my page and told me that the blog that I had written, had been featured.  Featured?  What is that, I asked.  It is when some moderator puts it at the top of the blog section, as a main featured blog.  I was thrilled as I did not expect it.  That kept me interested a few more weeks.

The day came when I realized that I probably was a geek too.  Who me?  Oh no!  I could not possible be a geek!  I didn’t look like one, act like one and certainly didn’t keep my glasses taped together or use duck tape to keep the soles on my shoes.  No, that could not be right.  Besides, I am a woman and women aren’t geeks.

Oh, I forgot about this girl in school who was probably the biggest geek of all.  However, back in those days, she was just called a brain.  I wanted her brain so badly.  If only I had Laura’s brain, I could have become anything that I had wanted.  I might even have run as vice president by now for the Democrats.  They would have loved my Southernmost ways.  Unlike Sarah Palin, who was a beauty but didn’t have that charm, that is instill in every woman who is born in the south.

Well, I didn’t get Laura’s brain.  I had to work hard and then the day came when I discovered boys.  Oh dear.  How delightful was that?  Boys!  They could kiss and take me places and I could just forget all about homework.  Heck, who needed to be educated?  I was going to get married one day.  That fine fellow was going to take care of me.  Oops, that didn’t happen.  Sorry, talking about boys from high school puts me in a nostalgic mood.

Now, I am a member of this geek site and I am finding that I probably enjoy technology more than anything else going at the moment.  Yep, I love my computer and gadgets.  My neighbors call on me to keep theirs up and running.  Ten years ago if someone had told me that I would be doing that, I would have called them a lair.  Yet, here I am with one sitting on the table ready for me to check it out to see what is going on.

One thing is sure and that is, that a geek no longer looks like a geek and they do not talk like a geek.  Beware of the people that you hang out with because they might be a geek dressed in fashionable glasses with expensive shoes with no duct tape.

Now that I have decided that I am a Geek, come join me.

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  1. pochp
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 21:27:21

    Hi Sassy,
    Would you like me to repost this essay at WP Writers Group at pochp09.wordpress?


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