When I Grow Up: Maybe I Will Be A Shrink

I went to see my shrink today.  He is a new guy who has taken my easy case from another doctor that I just loved.  If I could find my former doctor, I would ask him out to dinner just to see what he is like out of the office. Actually, I am a classic case.  I fell for my shrink.  That happens when a person starts to trust them.  I will not be falling in love with this new one until he proves to me that I can trust him. 🙂

As I am sitting there today chatting away with this new doctor from another country, I am thinking how I would have liked to be a shrink.  I have it in me to listen and cross my legs and fiddle with my pen.  Heck, I think I do a great job of that.  Now, it would take four years of college and  four years of medical school.   After that, I think one needs to do four years of clinical training.  I am not sure about all of that.  Maybe  I should have Googled it before I wrote this.  Either way, it is a lot of years to learn to just sit with crossed legs and fiddle with a pen.  I am afraid that my time has run out.  I will probably not live long enough to get that degree.  Dang.  I should have started sooner.

Oh, I know there is more to it than that but hey, it would have been a good choice for me.  I live around a lot of crazy folks as it is.  Treating crazy folks would be  my forte.   Maybe I could have treated some of these whack jobs around me.  Well, I could have at least given them meds to keep them quiet.  Yep, that would have been lovely.

This doctor seemed to be a bit impressed that I am a very active woman online.  Hey, I gave him my address to one of my more active sites and told him to check me out.  Maybe he will read this.  Oops, I hope not.  Well, it doesn’t matter.  He is my shrink.  Maybe he will just give me something to keep me quiet. ha ha

I love you Dr. Dolittle. ♥  Truly, I do.


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