I Am But One Woman

One Woman

Judge me not for I am but one woman
A woman with my own thoughts and feelings
Of  how things should be only for me
My attitude belongs only to me
My love is unconditional for most
It is nice when returned without conditions
Do I expect it from others?
Not really, as not all approve of me
However, I will continue to be true to myself
In whatever I do in this lovely life
My life belongs only to me
I savor each day with relish
Not knowing what will come my way
To brighten the moment
Sweet moments are treasured
As I close my eyes for a moment in thanks
It might not have been so
But I chose to be happy today
I chose to wake with love in my heart.
So judge me not
As I will never judge others
As I have never walked not one step in their shoes.©
written by bjt 4/07/2009


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