Yard Design: Make It Easy To Mow

Well planned yard

Well planned yard

Many people do not consider when they plan their yard, that they need to think about designing it in such a way, as to make it easy to mow.  It is simply a matter of keeping all of the plants in areas away from the center of the yard.

If you love blooming shrubs, trees or love to have flowers blooming during the summer, give some thought to where you need to put them.  It will certainly make mowing  your yard easier in the long run.  Not only that but not having shrubs or trees in your lawn will help the grass grow better.  The grass will not be shaded by the plants and the lawn will not have to compete with the shrubs for water and food.

Have you ever driven by homes to see that they planted several blooming shrub right in the middle of the lawn?  When I see this, I cringe.   Just thinking about mowing that lawn and all the twist and turns that will need to be made makes me tired.

Here is what I have done to keep my yard easy to cut with a lawnmower.  I planted all of the  shrubs and flowers in beds on the edge of the yard.  I never put any plant right in the middle of the yard.  Any plant that is planted in the grass, will only have to be mowed around.  Plus, if I did this, I would  have to keep the grass from growing into the plant bed.   I am too lazy for that.

Keep shrubs and flowering plants to the side of the lawn and plant your shrubs and flowers near them.  Grouping plants makes a good show.  Keeping them all together, makes it easier to water as well.

If you need to plant a tree in the yard for better shading of your home, bring a planting bed in from the side of the yard to include that tree.  Keep the bed mulched to keep from having to weed it.  Mulch is great for keeping moisture in the ground and will also keep you from having to water so often.

There is nothing as nice as going out to mow your lawn and having a wide open space to mow.  It takes less time and work.  Plus, if you have a wide open lawn, it is easy to use a spreader to ferilize or to put out weed preventive products in the early spring and fall.

So, before you decide to just stick that plant into the ground, do yourself a favor and think about where you will put it to make mowing your grass easier.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bren
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 12:09:16

    I feel for you. It is nice to start with a clean slate but most people unless they buy a new home do not get that chance. My home was older but the people who lived here only had foundation plantings. I suppose I was lucky.


  2. Young Werther
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 00:58:55

    Yes! Yes! Hate mowing the garden. Wish I planned it out better (I have a Hill’s hoist smack bang centre, lemon tree and other various shrubs all over the place!)


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