When Men Get Sick

I should say when men get anything such as the sniffles,  they are so sad and pitiful.  Bring me a tissue.  Get me that.  Get me this.  Oh my goodness but I wonder how they get though life.

Take a woman who has children and think about what happens when she gets sick.  She is in the kitchen washing the dishes, dinner is cooking on the stove, she has a load of clothes going in the washer, is helping the kids with homework, and a million other things.  Does she get to lie on the sofa and demand that someone take care of her?  If there is a woman out there who does, tell her to call me because I want to meet her.  When did she learn to get that kind of attention?  Who taught her?  Yep, she has skills that I would love to learn.

This last week, I felt terrible with a cold.  I wanted to just crawl in a hole somewhere and rest until I felt better.  Did that happen?  Nope.  I take care of my grand daughter who is two.  That is enough without me getting sick.  Little ones are so demanding of our time.  So, here is the good part.  After I was feeling better, I  had to go for my yearly exam at the doctor’s office.  I asked my grand daughter’s dad to watch her while I was gone.  He doesn’t live with me but since he wasn’t working that day, I thought it would be great.  I came home from the doctor’s office to find food on the table, toys all over they place, a child running around in her diaper and he was sitting in a chair like everything was great.

I had another appointment the next week and asked him to keep her.  Bless his heart, he was having some sneezing and watery eyes from some allergies.  He came over and took his place on the sofa in a prone position.  His dad was on the way to help out and bring him something for his condition.  I could draw this out but allow me to say that he will not be baby sitting for me the next time.  I will hire a woman to do it for me.  Women have this understanding of order.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bit
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 12:07:34

    Thank goodness for women…


  2. Mendy
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 20:27:47

    Your definitely true! Most of men are half hearted, and this post gave me an idea that I should not treat in this way. At least it worked for me 🙂 Thanks!


  3. Young Werther
    Oct 11, 2009 @ 17:36:37

    So true! Us guys are wimps (and terrible at multi-tasking !)


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