Lying. Why?

One of the best liar on earth

I have known people who would lie when the truth would serve them better.  It has always amazed me, when a person lies to me thinking that I believe what they have to say.  One, they are not giving me credit for being an intelligent human being.  Two, they think they are so smart as to be able to deceive me.

I understand that lying has a lot to do with two main  things.  One is the desire to makes oneself look good not only in the eyes of others but to make themselves look good in their own eyes.  It has to do with self esteem.  Most people who lie suffer from low self esteem.  They just can’t bring themselves to allow others to see their faults.  Another thing is that they aren’t willing to see themselves as they really are.

Another reason in my opinion for lying is self preservation.  People can get backed into a corner in a situation and they will lie to protect themselves.  Is any of this a proven thought?  Not really except for the part about self esteem.  That has been written about many times by people who have actually done studies on others.

I just happen to understand these things from experiencing people lying to me.  There is one thing that I totally do not understand.  When we meet a perfect stranger online, why would they lie to us about themselves?  What is the purpose?  We may never meet that person in real life so what is the purpose of leading a person down the wrong path?  How do I know they lied?  I finally met them.  Enough said.

I suppose it goes back to what I said about not approving of themselves.  Oh, let’s make ourselves look good to a perfect stranger.  Let’s pump their head full of untruths and look good.  No, they aren’t making the other person think any better of them.  They are only trying to convince themselves that they are worth while human beings.  Sad really.

I don’t know where I am going with this.  I think that I am just sounding off because I have been lied to by someone who was so good at it.  They didn’t flinch when they lied.  They didn’t even blink.  It was like they had no conscience at all.  I think if I took their pulse when they were lying,  that it would not have changed at all.  Now to me, this is scary.  I hope that I never get to the point in my life that I can lie and it not make me feel like the worst person ever.

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  1. Young Werther
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 17:02:34

    Oh.. speechless


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