Marijuana Reform

Marijuana reform is an ongoing battle and one that I hope can be resolved in this next decade.   It seems that since the economy is in such a slump, that lawmakers are taking a new look at how to rake in some more cash.  My thought is that out of greed to keep the coffers full, marijuana will become legal in many states in this country.

Thirteen state have decriminalization laws on the books.  Some states allow so much in a person’s possession while others will only fine a person maybe one-hundred dollars if they are found with pot on them.  Personally, I see it as the next thing  legalized in this country.  The cigarette manufacturers could put their people back to work by making marijuana cigarettes.  The tax could bring in millions of dollars a year.  One bean counter has suggested as much as three hundred million in taxes.  In fact, I do not think this country has a clue how much money could be made from the legal sell of it.  Most people will deny that they smoke it but  more do than anyone can imagine.

There are many concerns about its effects on the health care system.  What a joke.  If there is any serious effect, then people are already seeing doctors about health issues.  I just can’t see that legalizing it will bring more people to the doctor’s office.  They are already smoking marijuana but just aren’t admitting to it.

Frankly, I think it is a joke that it hasn’t been legalized already.  Law enforcement should consentrate on the  harder drugs being shipped into our country.  Pot is something that can  grow anywhere.  I knew a woman once who grew it in her flower beds right in the middle of the small town where she lived.  All the plants surrounding it were taller than the pot plants.  I suppose that happens in more than just this one place.

My point is that there  are many people who can benefit from using it because of illness.  Others who care to smoke it can do so without fear of breaking the law.   Every time this subject comes up, I have a flash of an old movie in my head of G-Men chasing men who ran whiskey stills,  or using axes to cut the stills down or blowing them up.  Today alcohol is legal but in my way of thinking, alcohol is more dangerous of a drug than pot will ever be.

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  1. Young Werther
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 20:37:56

    You make a good point but… a drug is still a drug. Who’s to say one is safer than another? My concern is that legalising M is the first crack in the wall.

    Alcohol abuse by youngsters is terrible Downunder, the legal drinking age here is 18.


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