High School Reunions. Why?

Etowah Blue Devils

It seems that since the folks in my high school class at Etowah High School  are getting older, they are planning reunions of the graduating class every five years.  At first, it was every ten years.  Wow, like many people are truly interested in seeing people they didn’t like every five years instead of ten?  Not me.  I didn’t like most of the people I attended high school with back in the day.  After not seeing them for five years, I don’t think that I am going to like them any better.

Remember the group of guys and girls who were in THE IN CLUB? They were the ones who were voted as officers for the school classes, won most outstanding and most likely to be successful.  Oh, plus the girls won all the beauty contests.  Call me dumb but since I wasn’t a part of the in group, I didn’t know that they all got together before the voting and decided who to vote for.  Just think.  All the poor kids in class though their vote counted.  How shocking is this?  Not very when one thinks about the clicks of kids and the power that they wielded.

I went to my ten-year reunion.  It was fun because I had been more successful at that point than most of the others.  Why?  I married well.  Shocked?  You shouldn’t be since the girls back in those days were reared to marry well.  From the time we were old enough to learn, we were trained to take care of our man.  What man?  That man that we would marry one day.  We didn’t have a face to put with him but we knew that he would be tall, dark and handsome and make lots of money.  So, we learned to cook, keep an amazing home, walk right, talk right and certainly and above everything else, we would be a lady.  My mission was accomplished in just ten short years.  Who would have thought?  Not me.  I was a rebel but not many people knew that.

So, now it is time for that five-year reunion to come again.  We all will be contacted and asked to fill out a form about our life’s accomplishments.  Hey, I thought I did that fifteen years ago?  Right.  I did.  What could change in fifteen years?  Plenty I suppose for some people who are late bloomers.  I married well, had my two children, lived in a nice home, drove a new car most years and then divorced him.  Oh and then went on to get my degree, I wrote my book,  and did all that I had hoped.  What else do they want to know?

Dang if I know but I am not going anyway.  I haven’t gone since the twenty year reunion.  At that one, the girl who I like the most in school talked bad to me.  It hurt my feelings.  Hey, she needs to see a shrink.  Anyone who isn’t over her dad divorcing her mom back in the day and marrying my sister’s ex-husband’s mom should either get over it or see a shrink.  Aren’t we suppose to get over it?  I thought so.

A few others that I got along well with didn’t have two words to say.  All of these years, I thought something was wrong with me.  Now, I realize that they felt insecure about themselves.  Sorry that they divorced only to remarry the wrong guys.  Or maybe, they didn’t find anyone at all.  Whatever.

Anyway, when they send their forms and ask me to come, I will be overjoyed to say no.  Oh, I know that they will not accept that and someone will call to try to persuade me so come.  It will give me even more joy to say no again.  One thing will be different this time.  Instead of saying that  I can’t come for a certain reason, I plan to tell them that I don’t like anyone well enough to come.  Hey, that will save me a trip to the shrink.  Money well saved.

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  1. Ron
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 22:54:27

    Never bothered to attend any such function myself. High school was left in the rear view mirror now 32 years ago. High school culture has absolutely nothing to do with the real adult world. What bonded us together then is no longer a concern in my life. What was so important then is rubbish today.

    Some of the alumni have joined a Facebook group. There is a scanned copy of a full color newspaper picture and story about the big game. There are pictures of the now middle aged guys in a crunched together group hug, arms around each other, holding scuffed beer bottles and no doubt shortly after the picture was taken tearfully pledged to remain buddies with the bestest group of guys in the world.

    Then the pictures of the now middle aged blue eyeliner crowd. Good thing they started with the hair, clothes and makeup 35 years ago because they really need it now.

    I have not been able to trace any of the star athletes either. Apparently they never made it to the Olympics or the big leagues.

    I have made new friends and grown above, beyond and away from high school. I went back to thank the teachers who did make an impact in mylife. I am glad to say my glory days were not 30 plus years ago doing whatever students were recognized for by faculty or other students.

    I have no particular fond or bad memories of the experience. I can not get nostalgic about it. It sinks farther and farther down on the trash heap of history with each passing year. I wish no particular evil on anybody from back then, hope the crowd I hung out with has done well for themselves. What bonded us together then is no longer of any concern to me. I joined the great big adult world and do not wish to go back. Not even for an evening.


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