Some days are diamonds some days are stones

Most people reading this will know that the title came from a song written and recorded by John Denver.  He could not have said more profound words.

I gave up worrying about the days full of stones in my life.  Every time anything goes wrong, all I have to do it wait a bit for it will be corrected.  Maybe not by me but by someone who loves me.

This winter has been a hard one.  My washer froze because of the below freezing temperatures.  About the same time, my toilet started to overflow from the tank. Plus,  my coffee pot gave up and died right on my kitchen counter.  If I sit here long enough, I know that I can come up with a few other things that have gone wrong.  However, I do not dwell on the bad things that happen.  Things work out.

I am waiting until the weather gets warmer to attempt to find out how to repair my washer.  I am not too good at working on it but I have a couple of times with the help of someone who knew what the problem was.  There is no point in repairing it not knowing if the temperature will plummet back down again.  Maybe I will just start wearing my clothes more days.  Hey, my grandparents wore their clothes more than one day and I suppose that I can too.

My youngest sister has such a heart of gold.  She knew that each morning lately, I have got up, heated water on the stove and poured it over the filter filled with coffee.  Hey, I really didn’t mind.  It just took a moment longer.  Anyway, today, she knocked on the door with a new coffee pot.  I had told her that when I bought another one that I didn’t want any bells and whistles, because it seems that the circuit board goes out and then the entire pot has is trashed..  I just wanted one that I could turn the switch on and presto, I would have coffee brewing.  Now that is just what I have and I am so please.

So, when anyone feels their days are filled with stones, I suggest that they not bite their nails wondering how things will be fixed or replaced.  Just have a bit of faith that all will work out.  That is what I do.  This sounds crazy to a lot of folks but it usually works for me.  Of course, there are times when we have to get right on the problem.  I may have faith but I also have good sense. ha ha

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PΔUL
    Jan 13, 2010 @ 17:02:05

    Things happen for a reason, though it is not always possible to see why at the time. When times are seemingly bad, the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference.


  2. sassysweetbren
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 21:33:36

    Hey, I don’t let the bad get me down. You have been reading my posts. If anyone has a reason to get down, I do but it isn’t happening.

    Hey, I am playing around with different formats trying to find one I truly like.


  3. Young Werther
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 20:58:59

    Spot on there!
    Don’t let the bad stuff get you down, I try not to…

    BTW I like the new blog format.


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