This Woman Has No Clue

I purchased a new mattress about a month ago.  While I was waiting for it to be delivered, I knew that I wanted to paint my bedroom before putting up the new bed.

It took about two weeks for the mattress to be delivered.  Instead of taking the old bed down and painting the room, I shopped for new bedding since I was changing from a king to a queen sized bed.  Not only did I buy new bedding, I bought new curtains and a comforter set along with a rug.

Here is my point, I spent all that time shopping for the room and did not paint the room.  What was I thinking?  The bed arrives and I can not take down the king bed.  I called my son to come take it down.  He stored it in another room.  My computer room.  Yuck.  I hate looking at that bed in my computer room.  But that isn’t all.  The new bed is standing next to a wall in my living room.

At night, since I do not have a bed to sleep on, I just lay the new mattress in the living room floor and sleep on it.  It is so nice to know that no one can see me trying to get up and down off of the mattress.  I am not a kid anymore but sometimes, I think that I am.

I have been spending time this week scraping, puttying, sanding and filling any imperfections.  Today, I finally was to the point where I could prime the walls.  That isn’t entirely finished because now, I need someone to help me move a big dresser.  Remember?  I said that I thought I was a kid sometimes.  The real thing is that I didn’t think this entire thing though.

Maybe in a few days, I will be finished painting and then will have to wait a day to make sure it is dry before I can move my new bed into my room.

Don’t do what I did.  Use your head for thinking instead of just growing hair.

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  1. Young Werther
    May 17, 2010 @ 01:32:18

    I wish… using my head for hair. It been falling out for years 🙂


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