Closing Down Cities Around the Gulf

A friend sent me an email about the government making plans to evacuate people from certain cities around the Gulf of Mexico but after reading it, I deleted it as more trash.

After reading a blog today, I am not sure.  There is a guy who charges 7.00 per month to read his blogs.  This man’s name is Wayne Madsen and he has insider information coming out of Washington.  He writes the Wayne Madsen Report and is a Washington, DC investigative journalist.  Also, he is a former Navy officer and has been a syndicated columnist.

Anyway, he isn’t the one I read but the person who I will later link y’all to does.  It seems that it is too unhealthy to be living on the coast.

Yeaks….What in the world will those people do.  They have homes, businesses, children in school, jobs and most of all roots in those areas.  I also have to wonder how it will affect the rest of the country if these people are moved out of the Gulf Coast area.

I have a gut feelings as almost anyone does, who has kept up with this, that we are in some real serious trouble.  It is no longer a matter of having oil in our gulf and it affecting the wildlife,  sea life and shores but the entire country.  There are parts of the world that is going to be affected by this  (accident)  There have been a few things that I have read that makes me wonder if it was an accident.

I am going to save that thought as I do not want to get crazy here.

What do y’all think about the gulf being evacuated?

Here is the link.  Sorry that it isn’t click-able but that doesn’t seem to be working on my blog site.

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  1. Young Werther
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 21:59:09

    Total evacuation is probably on the extreme side but then I’ve never experienced an oil leak on the scale that’s happening in the Gulf.

    Prayers to those affected and hope this mess will be resolved soon…


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