Rid Clothes of Poison Ivy/Oak Oil: Fels-Naptha Soap

Fel-Naptha Soap

I  have found a soap that says it will get rid of poison oak and ivy oil from clothes when washed in it.  It is also a great soap to pre-treat stains on your clothing.

The soap is Fels-Naptha and has a nice scent.  It says to rub the bar on clothes exposed to poison oak/ ivy before putting them in the washer.  It should cut the oil and prevent one from being exposed again to the poisonous oil.

Here is what I do.  I keep a bar near the washer in a container with just a bit of water in the bottom.  That keeps the soap soft.  That makes it easy to rub it on the clothes.  (Do not use too much water as one does not want to make it too soft and use it up too soon.)

Give it a try if you are one that has problems with poison oak/ ivy misery.

Hey, I have started washing my hands in it as well when I have been outside doing yard work, even if I do not think I have been exposed.  When I know that I have been exposed, I still scrub with Tecnu Extreme.  This is found at most drug stores.

It can be found at most Ace Hardware stores as well as some grocery stores.  If you can’t find it, ask for it.

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