Banks Are Evil Especially Wachovia

Banks today as always are evil and have greed in their veins.  Wachovia Bank is now owned by Wells Fargo as of 2008 when Wells Fargo bought them.  They were going under.  Now, they are the third largest bank in the nation.

I suppose that one way to make money is to charge a person who walks in off the street a fee to cash a check drawn on their bank.  That is what happened to me today.  It was the first time that I had been told that to cash a check drawn on their bank would cost me.

I had a check that my contractor had given me to reimburse me for items I had bought.  Since I was driving by the bank, I thought I would just whip into their drive in and cash it.  The evil teller told me that I needed to come inside since the drive in was for bank customers only.   Oh, forgive me for trespassing on your property was what I felt like saying.  I was ticked off since I had just left the physical therapist office and was in pain.  However, no matter about that.  I would have  been mad anyway.

I went inside and waited in line and when I went to the counter, I gave the woman my driver’s licenses to prove who I am.  No, it wasn’t good enough to see me beaming back at her from my licenses.  I had to have another form of ID.  Walking to the car, I was hot.

Once back inside, I presented her with my other ID’s and asked which one would suit her.  Then I put my thumb print on the check but alas, it was in the wrong frigging place.  I put it up high so the scanner would see it.  Oh yes, my finger prints on file in the banking system.  How lovely.

When she told me that I would be charged 5 dollars to cash a check drawn on their bank, I was just about postal.  I said, “What?”  Yes, they wanted to charge me a fee to cash the check.

Greed was stamped all over the heads of the people working there and especially the main man sitting behind his desk in the office.  I walked over to him and told him what I thought.  He said, “Oh well.  Sorry you aren’t happy.”  Bullshit.  He doesn’t care if I was happy or not.  He wanted his money.  They all want more and more money.

A judge in Texas ordered that the banks there could not charge a fee to cash a check on their banks but the banks are doing it away.  Imagine that.  I hope that all get put in prison and have to live on bread and water.

Most people who walk into a bank to cash a check drawn on it are people without accounts anywhere else.  They are the little people who need that 5 dollars.  Maybe it will pay for lunch one day or be enough to put gas in their cars.

I happen to have a bank and when I asked if they charged a fee to cash a check drawn on their bank, the teller said no.  If she had said yes, I would have taken my money home with me and buried it in a fruit jar in the back yard.  I swear that I would.

Greed is so common today that people are accepting it.  We need to have our voices heard.  Not just about banking fees but all the different forms of greed that is washing though America like a tidal wave.  How else can we get anything done unless we collectively stand up and say, “Enough is enough?”

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  1. sassysweetbren
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 17:26:28

    I think you made great points my friend no matter about not editing it. Hey, on my site, just come as you are. You should know that by now. It just delights me to see you reading what I write.

    I hate when I go to an ATM and know that a camera is watching me. Sometimes, I feel like putting on a wig, sun glasses and a scarf over my nose and mouth when I take out money. Hey, if everyone did that, wouldn’t it be a hoot? ha ha

    I wonder if they would report it to the police? I can just see them calling me to see if I was the one who took money out of my account that day.. .. ……screaming here with laughter.


  2. Cookenstein
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 17:16:24

    My apologies for the poor grammar, spelling etc. on the above post, I should have edited before hitting the enter key. 🙂


  3. Cookenstein
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 17:13:17

    Hello!! wow, I am so with you on this non sense. banks are making money on us hand over fist, giving us so little in return on interest simply to have the privilege of using their bank to park our money, while they reap the bigger interest reward, and then,, of yes the maintenance fees monthly,, that is unless you keep some ludicrous sum balance that the average person usually does not have those means.

    Again, who are they serving here. The wealthy and themselves, the middle class pay the majority of the bill here. Banks are making more money now then at any time in history and are employing less people than at any other time. Meaning, their benefit, and labor costs have plummeted because machines do all their work. So after install and depreciation, maintenance, and upkeep costs of these machines are a pitance to a human face.
    so for again, for the privilege to speak to a metal box, we pay more. Your experience is just another example of a Giant middle finger to customers and customer service, which in my opinion is slipping away in many of this countries industries. They view customers as replaceable and attrition of customers is expected and apparently an accepted practice anymore.

    If they really appreciated our business, they would not keep us on hold, make us dance through ludicrous levels phone voice trees, and really, nickel and dime us to cash a check, and then treat us as a criminal in the process. You are right to be angry over this. It’s stupid, and the business practice of banks anymore, is nothing more than a form of Civil theft.

    Take care.


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