How To Get Your Blog Read

I have many hundreds of hits on my page everyday but I have to wonder who they are.  Not many people respond with a word or a thought.  Do you have that problem too?  It occurred to me today, that I have plenty of readers and it is probably because of the words that I use when I blog.

CIA Logo

All I have to do is use words such as C.I.A., Obama, McCain, government, United States, F.B.I. and anything that triggers the people in charge of spying on people blogging.

John McCain.  What a piece of work.  I hope he reads this since just typing his name will alert him to my blog.  Back before he entered the campaign for president, he presented a bill that would give the government the right to jail people for saying anything bad about the government or anyone in it when blogging.  I think it was him that he had in mind more than anyone else.  He also failed to vote when bills came up that would prevent the government from spying on our emails without a warrant among other things.

John McCain

People checking on what we write are like teenagers.  They like to hit a blog  site and not leave a message.  This isn’t anything new.  Back before computers, teenagers would call you on the phone and say, “Is your refrigerator running?”  You would say yes and they would say, “You better run and catch it.”  Oh, the good old days.

Non of us in this country have any privacy anymore.  Hey, I saw a photo on Google Earth of a man and woman unloading their car in their driveway.  Frankly, I think Google has more information on people around the earth that Hoover had on the American people when he was the head of the F.B.I.  You know who he was don’t ya?  The cross dresser who would never allow his driver to make a left turn who ran the F. B. I.  True story but don’t ask me where I read that.  I read too much to remember.

Hoover in his early days

Anyway, it would delight me to turn on my computer one day and find that a million people had left a reply to my blog even if it is government people telling me not to write anything again.  I could deal with that.  They would just have to look up my IP address and come and get me if they want me to stop writing.

Hey, I need to be reassured that I am not wasting my time.  I slave  to entertain, inform and just bore folks to death.

Come on now, leave a reply so I can go about my business during the day knowing that people like me…well, maybe not like me but at least read what I write.  Bring it on government officials.  It would be an exciting ride if they knocked on my door.

Hello.  Want you come on in and sit a spell?  Could I get ya a glass of sweet iced tea?

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sassysweetbren
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 23:34:31

    i will now that I know about it. Who knew? You at the top of card tricks.

    Hey, do you do parties?


  2. Young Werther
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 22:56:43

    LOL, fame, anyway we get it is fine 🙂

    Search Bob’s Card Trick and I’m No 1. But then searches for Bob’s Card Trick….


  3. sassysweetbren
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 23:40:53

    It used to bother me a lot but now, I am not as upset by it. That is stupid of me but what can
    I do?

    I saw it coming years ago but when 911 happened, it gave the government all the tools they needed.


  4. Ian Walker
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 23:30:47

    I really enjoyed it and you are true to say that we have no provacy anymore.


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