Facebook Politics..Twit, Twit

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Lately, I have been receiving requests on Face Book from politicians to be friends.  They sure are assuming a lot.  They don’t know me and what I think about politics or who I might vote for in the election.  I forgot.  They are trying to win my vote.  What was I thinking?

Obama is the reason for this and I am not saying it is a bad thing.  Why did politicians not think about using the computer to campaign before the year 2008?  No matter, they have figured it out now.  Maybe we will keep a free internet if politicians are using it for their own purpose.

Allow me to help y’all out.  Here is the link.


Face Book to me is a place to keep up with friends and family and I do not think I will be making friends with someone just because they want my vote.  Hey, maybe I need to send them a link to this blog when I reject their request.  What do ya think?

Oops….I just read in another blog that Face Book set up accounts for all congressional as well as  gubernatorial candidates.  They left it up to them if they used it.  Wait a minute Face Book.  Self serving?  Yep, that is my thought.   Imagine that!

This is just another great place for political candidates to get the word out.  Now if they would actually try to do what they promise.

Anyone care for a cup of TEA?

Yay, Tea Party……:)

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