We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

It has been a thought that the hem line of a woman’s dress had to do with the stock market.  If it they are high, so was the stock market.  If low then the stock market may take a plunge.  As I sit here thinking about how that has proven to be true over the years, I wonder if it still is.

Here is a shot of some of the spring of 2010 fashion.  Can we tell?  I am not sure.  Take a look and decide.

Spring fashion 2010

Sure they are short but not as short as we have seen them.  The red dress may be the one  that says the most with the cute hemline that goes up and down.

In 1929 right before the stock market crashed, women we wearing dresses just above the knee.  After the crash, the hemlines fell.  The women of the twenties were daring.  Hems had been very low before that age.  In this photo we can see the flapper as the women were called because they smoked cigarettes, cut their hair into bobs, listened to jazz music, danced in clubs and voted.  I would imagine those women felt very liberated.  They had not be voting very long.


However, after the crash of 1929 people saw hemlines going back down.  Was it because of the crash?  This has always puzzled me.

Dress pattern 1930’s

Are these the same women who wore the short dresses who cut their hair?  The flapper?  What happened?  Did they mature?  Maybe.

In the sixties when the market rose, hemlines were off the chart high.  They were shorter than ever in American history.

It wasn’t easy to sit down and cover yourself during that time.  I know because I wore skirts that short.  Just about the time that I was loving the shorter skirt they came tumbling down.  The dresses were called Midi’s.  As all women, I put away my mini shirt and started wearing the longer dresses.  I am not saying we liked it.  We wanted our mini skirts back but we had to buy what was on the market.
In the seventies women started wearing pants suits.  Of course, the fashion industry was responsible but women grabbed on to them.  I think they felt liberated again.  Before the seventies, women didn’t wear pants to work.  They wore dresses.  Companies made policies about this new trend.  I remember it well.  A pants suit could be worn to work but it had to match thus the pants suit.  Companies were very stick about this.  A woman who showed up to work in pants or a pants suit that was not dressy looking was told that she could not wear it.

Pattern of common pants suits in 70’s

Having lived in the sixties, I feel that is when fashion became fun.  Women had many choices in what to wear from that time on.  More exciting clothes were designed.  There was such a thing as day wear and night wear.  The pants suit at night or just for fun was a different look entirely.  I loved these wide legged pants.  They were fun to wear.

Wide legged pants

It is fun to look back on women fashion and see the changes.  Not of just the hemlines going up and down as the stock market fell and rose but because it shows how far we have come or have we?
I miss the fashions of yesterday.  Today there doesn’t seem to be much attention put on what a person wears to different places.  Most of the time jeans and a tee shirt can be found anywhere at any time.  It used to be fun getting dressed up to out to dinner.  I always knew that I would wear something that made me look sexy.
Would you like to see women dressing up more?  Are you tired of seeing women in shorts too short, jeans too tight, nothing matching and the frumpy look of she looks like she just got out of bed?

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. msusan
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 20:31:20

    so interesting that you would write about this, I have wondered the same things. I love all the pics too. thanks.


  2. Bren
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 23:36:08

    I totally agree. What is to look forward to if a man can see anything he likes in public.


  3. Young Werther
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 23:14:58

    Don’t think there’s much of a correlation between hemlines and the market. Noticed a lot of the young ladies don’t even bother wearing skirts anymore, its a long-ish top barely covering the bottom and dark tights…

    Bring back the good old days where somethings are left to the imagination!


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