No One Is Normal?

A new study that will be added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders manual in 2013 suggest that no one is normal.  It seems that an update to devalue mental illness will put all of us in the category of not being normal.

Oh how I adore new research.  Without it, I would have nothing to think or talk about in life.  Scientists amaze me which leads me to wonder if the government and pharmaceutical companies aren’t giving too much grant money to these mad scientist for research.   I wonder if anyone is normal.  In my thoughts most of us are as normal as can be.  It is research that has put labels on all of us.

If a child has a tantrum, they must have a problem.  Here is my thought on that since I have two grown sons and have watched their children as well.

Small children are not wired to understand how things work in life.  They become frustrated because of a lack of understanding.  Their little minds want something that mommy will not allow.  Since they see mommy and daddy getting everything that they want, they don’t understand why they too can not have anything they desire.

Think about a child in a buggy at the grocery store.  Mom or dad walks thought the store putting all kind of things in the buggy.  Some things the child understands but not all.  Then they arrive at the check out and all the small child wants is one piece of candy.  Mommy says no.  What?  How dare she not give me a small piece of candy when this entire buggy is filled?  That is when the temper tantrum starts.

On with my thinking.  A young girl reads fashion magazines and sees that all the models look like pencils.  They are paid outrageous sums to model, the world makes a huge fuss over them so, they must be the most desired people on the planet.  Girls see movie stars with perfect air brushed complexions, hair that on one could copy, dressed in amazing and expensive clothes that show off their prefect bodies and they too make a fortune.  The world loves them too.

The young girl doesn’t get a lot of attention and she has no hope of making a lot of money when she is grown, thus, she has to look like a pencil if she is to ever get young Bob to look at her.  What about her  future?  Well, she will have to be super thin to be successful in life.

What can she do to look like those amazing people?  After a while, she figures out that she has to stop eating.  How?  Well, she could eat and then go to the bathroom and purge or she could just chew her food and not swallow it.  Yes, there is the answer which sets her on the road to a real problem.

Here is what I did when I was a teenager and wanted to look amazing.  I exercised twice a day.  It never crossed my mind to not eat.  The answer was in gym.  The teacher told us if we exercised, we could look good.  It didn’t take her telling me too many times before I hit the floor killing myself with hard work exercising.  It paid off too.  I was in great shape and had this tiny waist.  What a shame that young girls can’t know that today as much as exercise is advertised.

But, back to the young girl. Does she need pills to help her with her problem?  No, her mind needs to be retrained to accept herself as the lovely creature that she is.  She needs acceptance from those around her.

My point is that in life, most of us are normal.  We have a different ways of looking at things which brings on some unusual behavior at times.  Do we all need a pill for unusual behavior?  Please.  If most of the pills made today were trashed, I think we would all be normal.

Sometimes I wonder; what came first, the problems that people have in life or mad scientist who do too much research.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PΛUL "X"
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 08:23:30

    Two things:

    1) Everything is someone else’s fault.

    2) You can have what ever you want with zero effort.

    Address these and we might get back to what is really important.
    Take responsibility and work at it, what ever it is.


  2. Young Werther
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 19:37:13

    Nowadays we seem to be finding excuses for everything. Kid badly behaved? No, suffers from ADHD or broken home or something else…

    Kids are brought up believing they are invincible, able to do anything, everyone wins and there are no losers. Unfortunately life’s not like that, there are losers, there’s discrimination and prejudice.

    Spare the rod and hard stuff, you spoil the child… just my 2¢ worth 🙂


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