Getting Hooked On Your Families Genealogy

The photo is of my great grand father who settle in North Alabama in 1852

I have been doing genealogy research since about nine-teen ninety-seven and have more information of all of my different family lines that I would ever have imagined. I know who my twenty-seventh great grand mother was by way of marriage on my father's side. She came from Spain to marry into our English family. Since the family was royalty, that was common.

It started with my mom showing interest in her family. She told me where she thought her family was from but after doing the research, she was wrong about one thing. I have not found one Irish person in our family.

Once I started doing research, I became engrossed in finding out more and more. I was never happy to know just a little, I wanted to know it all and I just about do.

My dad's side of my family is rich in history. His ancestors came to America in the mid sixteen hundreds and because planters. That is a fancy word for farmers. They raised all the grains that most people did as well as tobacco because the English loved their tobacco and they knew that since England is where they lived before coming here. They did very well for themselves but I keep thinking about how they coped with King George III sending troops here during that time and how it affected their lives. I have never found information that they housed one or more of these soldiers as was common.

This family lived in a castle and had titles yet, one brother wanted to strike it out on his own to come to a wild and strange land. One that wasn't settled by any means. He was English as I have stated. Going back into his family of ancestors, I can tell anyone that before coming to England, they lived as a royal family in France. It all had to do with France taking control of England. Before that, they were from Norway where they were also royalty and before that in the seventh century, they were royalty in Sweden. That could be backward. It may have been Sweden and then Norway. I am not sure without looking it up in my records.

My great grand father on my mom's side was in the American Civil War on the Confederate side. He was a little man of only five foot two with dark hard, dark complexion with green eyes. This information can be found on his records when the North won the war. Confederates had to pledge their allegiance to the United States of America since we had pulled out before the war. They documented the persons looks.

This type of information can be found in any good library that has good genealogy records. This man is my brick wall. I can not find anything on him other than where he lived here in Alabama in eight-teen seventy on the census records. He was living next door to the family of the woman he would marry.

My dad's side of the family were not happy to stay in one place. I think of them as being like a band of gypsies. They settled in Virginia but as the family grew, the men struck out for other southern states as land was available at the expense of the Native Americans.

My great grand father on my dad's side was born in Georgia but when land came available in North Alabama, he came here. To get land one has to live in that place for a year. Having children helped because for each one, your name was put into the hat that many more times.

His lovely wife died after giving birth the year they arrived here. It just seems to me that he could have waited until she had the child to make that journey from Georgia to Alabama. Oh, I am forgetting just how those times we so different.

I could write for days but I decided to hit a few high points or low depending on how one looks at it.

History to me is exciting. The more I learn the more I want to know.

For anyone interested in getting started, the census records are available up to nine-teen thirty now. That is a great place to start.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sassysweetbren
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 00:36:13

    Everyone should know about the ancestor. It is just so fascinating to find out where they lived, when they moved and so many more things.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help your with your search Young.


  2. Young Werther
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 19:21:36

    That’s really interesting. You’re going to get me started too 🙂


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