i remember a  time when saying Merry Christmas was just want people said as a greeting to everyone during the season.  Now, it seems that I get messages from people wishing me a happy holiday.  No, The reason for the season is because Christ was born to be the Lord and Savior of anyone who will accept His grace and follow Him.


So, it will always be Merry Christmas to me.  When I meet strangers while shopping it is Merry Christmas.  I am not worried about offending anyone.  If I do, that is their problem and not mind since America was build on Christianity.   I am sure they will get over it. If I was in a country that celebrated a religious holiday, I would greet them with whatever they say. When I speak of Christ to people, some respond beautifully and are excited to talk about Jesus.  However, there are those who are not excited and will change the subject in a minute.

In fact, I belong to a site online and one person who has been a friend is an atheist.  That person told me that I was too smart and well educated to believe in all of that non sense.  Boy…did I have to sit on that message for a long time before I answered.  I prayed about it asking God to guide me when I replied.  I certainly didn’t want to come across as a hateful person.  He would have enjoyed that.  I finally replied and  told him that I was insulted by his remark and would appreciate it if he didn’t send messages to me like that again.

Well, on Facebook, he blurted out some mean things about God and that was all I could take. I told him that I didn’t see his point in bringing such a thing up on Facebook in the first place.  Nothing was on his page to indicate that he needed to say anything.  I told him that I was offended that he would use such language concerning my Father God who has healed me twice this year.  I also put the sinners prayer on his page and told him that I hoped the day would come when he would use it.

I then deleted him from both of my sites.  Why be exposed to someone who doesn’t believe as I do?  Especially, when they seem to want to rub it into my face. There isn’t.

I suppose one can say that I am not politically correct but I am not concerned with it.  Others may be but I am sorry that I do not feel the need to be.

So, to all of my Christian friends out there, Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.



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  1. youngwertherYW
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 19:35:27

    Merry Christmas to you too Bren.


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