Statins To Lower Cholesterol Are Killing Us

My doctor told me years ago that he wanted my cholesterol level to be down to one-hundred.  Sure doc.  I remember when doctors wanted it to only be at two-hundred.  Why the change in attitude?  Here is one of my thoughts.  I am not one to sit around blaming people for this or that.  I look for facts.

The Big Pharmacy Companies push doctors to use their drugs.  Many people know this but for those who do not, big phar gives doctors things like vacations, free meals at fancy restaurants and other things of value.  Some doctors become rich over the years because they give in to this.  Frankly, I feel that the big pharmacy companies are controlling our doctors.  Doctors should always have their patients health in their heart first.

Recently, I was in the hospital for a couple of day.  They did a lot of blood work.  It came back that my bad cholesterol level was ninety-four and the good was fifty.  I told a doctor friend of mine who is retired what they were.  He had a fit and told me that it was way too low.  He explained how cholesterol is needed by the brain for it to work properly.  He then sent me a link to a video.  I listened to this amazing doctor talk about it.  I was in shock.

My doctor was just about to give me a standing ovation when I told him how low it was.  Hugs for my young doctor.  I sent him the link in hopes that he would educate himself.

In this video, y’all will hear about how we are getting Alzheimers disease because of a lack of enough cholesterol.  You will hear that Alzheimers is a new disease.  It wasn’t around 45 years ago.  Surprised?  Just listen.

I am going to give y’all this link so you can hear for yourself what cholesterol is and why it needs to be around all total two-hundred and forty. Shocked?  I suppose so if your doctor is like mine.

When I started seeing my doctor, I told him jokingly not to worry that I would help him become a good doctor.  I would too if he would only listen.  What people do not know is that doctors have only in the last few years had to have one class on nutrition.  Amazing.

Be sure you have time to listen to this doctor.  He will change your mind about what your doctor tells you.  You will thank me.  Oh and if you listen to the next video of his, you will learn that people who drink coffee live longer.  Hooray.  I will be around for a long time.

I enjoy doing research and learning all I can. It seems to be something embedded in my brain.  When I find important information, I like to pass it on.  I hope I help just one person with this blog.  I wish y’all a wonderful day.



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