Statins To Lower Cholesterol Are Killing Us

My doctor told me years ago that he wanted my cholesterol level to be down to one-hundred.  Sure doc.  I remember when doctors wanted it to only be at two-hundred.  Why the change in attitude?  Here is one of my thoughts.  I am not one to sit around blaming people for this or that.  I look for facts.

The Big Pharmacy Companies push doctors to use their drugs.  Many people know this but for those who do not, big phar gives doctors things like vacations, free meals at fancy restaurants and other things of value.  Some doctors become rich over the years because they give in to this.  Frankly, I feel that the big pharmacy companies are controlling our doctors.  Doctors should always have their patients health in their heart first.

Recently, I was in the hospital for a couple of day.  They did a lot of blood work.  It came back that my bad cholesterol level was ninety-four and the good was fifty.  I told a doctor friend of mine who is retired what they were.  He had a fit and told me that it was way too low.  He explained how cholesterol is needed by the brain for it to work properly.  He then sent me a link to a video.  I listened to this amazing doctor talk about it.  I was in shock.

My doctor was just about to give me a standing ovation when I told him how low it was.  Hugs for my young doctor.  I sent him the link in hopes that he would educate himself.

In this video, y’all will hear about how we are getting Alzheimers disease because of a lack of enough cholesterol.  You will hear that Alzheimers is a new disease.  It wasn’t around 45 years ago.  Surprised?  Just listen.

I am going to give y’all this link so you can hear for yourself what cholesterol is and why it needs to be around all total two-hundred and forty. Shocked?  I suppose so if your doctor is like mine.

When I started seeing my doctor, I told him jokingly not to worry that I would help him become a good doctor.  I would too if he would only listen.  What people do not know is that doctors have only in the last few years had to have one class on nutrition.  Amazing.

Be sure you have time to listen to this doctor.  He will change your mind about what your doctor tells you.  You will thank me.  Oh and if you listen to the next video of his, you will learn that people who drink coffee live longer.  Hooray.  I will be around for a long time.

I enjoy doing research and learning all I can. It seems to be something embedded in my brain.  When I find important information, I like to pass it on.  I hope I help just one person with this blog.  I wish y’all a wonderful day.



The Dread of Another Operation.

I have not written anything on this blog in five years.  I couldn’t believe it when I pulled up this page.  We get sidetracked in life.  I was sidetracked by operations.

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Allow me to quickly bring y’all up to date.  First, in 2014, the doctor told me to get rid of the pain in my legs and back would mean a back fusion.  Have mercy.  I listened to him because I felt he was the expert.  Not all great doctors are as good as we think.  He never investigated to see if the pain might be  coming from another place in my lower body.

doctor deciding to try some new he saw on tv

I had a six-hour long operation where he fused 3 vertebrates together.  Bone was added in small pieces in hopes that they would grow together to strengthen my back. It worked.  However, I didn’t need that surgery.  What the real problem was my hip.  The socket was worn out from arthritis.  So, in 2016 I had the hip replaced. I was still weak from having the back operation.  There was a reason. The back surgeon told me to walk. I couldn’t walk because I was crooked and leaned to one side. My hip hurt so badly that I couldn’t stand it.  So, to make this short, I didn’t get any rehab.

I would like to give y’all a link to a guy on YouTube who is a physical therapies and also has a gym for people to work out.  He has some awesome exercised to use so that you may not have to have back surgery.  What He Suggest for Back Pain I wish I had known about this site earlier.  I am giving you only one link so, you may have to look around his site to find what is good for you.

Now, to the operating room to have my hip replaced.  I had problems with the meds they give when during the  ksurgery.  Like memory problems, being confused, and being forgetful.  I am claiming all of that as a result of the operation. ha ha…Sometimes, I had problems with those anyway.  Want to know what a hip replacement looks like?  Are y’all sure?  ha ha….nan..

Now, this time, the doctor gave me a shot in the back and I had the hip replacement surgery while wide awake. I always thought in my mind that the operating room would be nosey.  Not this one. Everyone was as quiet as a mouse.  Sometimes, a nurse would ask if I would like ice chips, which I did.

After the surgery, I started to physical therapy.  However, I wasn’t strong enough to handle it very well.  I never had a chance to get strong again after the back surgery.  Now, my hip feels fine but my back hurts like I have been hit by a shot-gun.  I just could not do certain exercises because my back hurt too much. Now, on to the next problem.  By the way, now, he is telling me now that I have a herniated disc.  A link to show exercises to help disc problems.  YouTube for bulging disc

OK.  He will not touch my back and y’all will see why if you click on the link I gave above.

My knee which I had replaced ten years ago has started to hurt so badly that I have a hard time walking.  It hurts when I go to bed at night.  I suppose one can say, it hurts all of the time.  I have seen one young doctor who has been doing knee replacements for only one year.  Nope.  He will not do it.  I plan to see someone with years of experience. Oh, I forgot to tell what he said. He told me that my kneecap had come loose. What?  Imagine.  I know that something is going on because my knee will not move sometimes.  Plus, sometimes, it swells.  I will find out soon.

NEWS BULLETIN:  I just saw a video on YouTube showing exercises that I may try before having the knee worked on. Yeah.

I frankly do not want to have another operation.  I am tired. I have had enough.  However, if I plan to keep living as active of a life as  I wish, it will have to be done.  I am just praying that nothing else is wrong and the knee doesn’t have to be done over again.  That would not be fun.  The wonderful doctor who did it the first time died last year.  I cried.  I loved that man.  Stuart Stephenson was his name and he was at U.A.B. Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.  God Rest His Soul.  He was wonderful.

My main purpose for writing this is to tell people not to take the advice of the first doctor y’all see.  Talk to your main doctor about sending you to physical therapy first.  There are a lot of things that doctors want to operate on a person which can be helped in many other ways.  If anyone is truly interested in knowing more about knee or hip replacement, just ask. I will be happy to tell anyone what to expect.  I have been there and enjoy sharing what I know.  One last thing. Always, always get a second opinion.

Closing Down Cities Around the Gulf

A friend sent me an email about the government making plans to evacuate people from certain cities around the Gulf of Mexico but after reading it, I deleted it as more trash.

After reading a blog today, I am not sure.  There is a guy who charges 7.00 per month to read his blogs.  This man’s name is Wayne Madsen and he has insider information coming out of Washington.  He writes the Wayne Madsen Report and is a Washington, DC investigative journalist.  Also, he is a former Navy officer and has been a syndicated columnist.

Anyway, he isn’t the one I read but the person who I will later link y’all to does.  It seems that it is too unhealthy to be living on the coast.

Yeaks….What in the world will those people do.  They have homes, businesses, children in school, jobs and most of all roots in those areas.  I also have to wonder how it will affect the rest of the country if these people are moved out of the Gulf Coast area.

I have a gut feelings as almost anyone does, who has kept up with this, that we are in some real serious trouble.  It is no longer a matter of having oil in our gulf and it affecting the wildlife,  sea life and shores but the entire country.  There are parts of the world that is going to be affected by this  (accident)  There have been a few things that I have read that makes me wonder if it was an accident.

I am going to save that thought as I do not want to get crazy here.

What do y’all think about the gulf being evacuated?

Here is the link.  Sorry that it isn’t click-able but that doesn’t seem to be working on my blog site.

Health Care Reform For All Not Just A Few

There are millions of people on Federal Funded Medicare not to mention Medicaid for people who’s income falls to the poverty level. Plus, there are health care and dental plans in place for underprivileged children such as Children’s Health Insurance Program. (CHIP) This program is run by the states but matched by the federal government.

People are just hypocrites. Many of the people complaining thought it was fine to sit back and say nothing when abortion was legalized, prayer was taken out of schools or when we spent billions on a senseless war.

This entire attitude of hating on the Democrats for trying to help the American people with health care reform for the American people makes me sick. Do we want change that is hard to do after so many years of abuse? No, people feel more comfortable with nothing being done. They can sit back and complain about nothing being done better than to hold on long enough to see some real changes made, that will be for the best of all. I feel it is a very selfish attitude to want what is only best for self than to consider what is best for all.

Plus, people are complaining about the living will that the government wants in place when a person is seriously ill. Their lame attitude is that grandmother will be forced to die. Please!! Everyone needs a living will. They do not need to wait until they are old to make one. They need one that is in the file of their doctor’s office in case anything terrible such as a car accident happens.

I have never gone into the hospital to have surgery when I wasn’t asked for a copy of my living will. This is nothing new.

We Are What We Think

So many people sit and complain about everything in life. If things do not go to please them, they validate it by complaining about it. Why is my question? Why give credit to anything bad in life?

We can chose to only validate the good in life just as well. I understand this as well as anyone. For years now, I have been dealing with arthritis. If I get out of bed in the morning complaining to myself about how bad I may feel, one can bet that I will feel bad most of the day. However, if I claim a happy attitude, it is mine for the taking. So, I have learned over the years to never claim the bad in life. I claim the good.

Let me explain a bit. In the last 15 years, I have had to deal with plenty of pain. I have had one knee replaced because of arthritis. Before it was replaced, I had to go for 6 years waiting to get old enough to have the surgery. I complained in my mind a lot. If only this or if only that would be in my thoughts. Oh my knee hurts.

Now, after surgery, when I realized the pain in my body wasn’t going  away, I adopted a new attitude. One of not complaining in my mind and certainly not to others. Since I started having a more positive attitude, my pain level has drop to nearly nothing. Why? I know that my brain only knows what I tell it. If I tell it something good, it will act accordingly.

For anyone who is dealing with pain, my suggestion is to change your way of thinking. Pain is magnified when we think about it a lot. It is lessened by not thinking about it. Some of you are thinking how can you not think about it? It isn’t easy but it can be done. Start by focusing on something else. Find something to occupy your mind. I promise that within thirty days, you will feel like a different person. That is how long it takes to make a new habit. Complaining about anything in life is a habit. A bad one. So make a new habit of not complaining.

Anyway, each day of my life, I do not give the pain in my body any recognition. As a result, I now take very little medication for pain. Oh, I have my moments and when I do, I take something but I do not dwell on it. Trust me on this as I know.

There are those out there who think that I am nuts. In some ways maybe but not about this.

More on this late so bookmark my page.

When I Grow Up: Maybe I Will Be A Shrink

I went to see my shrink today.  He is a new guy who has taken my easy case from another doctor that I just loved.  If I could find my former doctor, I would ask him out to dinner just to see what he is like out of the office. Actually, I am a classic case.  I fell for my shrink.  That happens when a person starts to trust them.  I will not be falling in love with this new one until he proves to me that I can trust him. 🙂

As I am sitting there today chatting away with this new doctor from another country, I am thinking how I would have liked to be a shrink.  I have it in me to listen and cross my legs and fiddle with my pen.  Heck, I think I do a great job of that.  Now, it would take four years of college and  four years of medical school.   After that, I think one needs to do four years of clinical training.  I am not sure about all of that.  Maybe  I should have Googled it before I wrote this.  Either way, it is a lot of years to learn to just sit with crossed legs and fiddle with a pen.  I am afraid that my time has run out.  I will probably not live long enough to get that degree.  Dang.  I should have started sooner.

Oh, I know there is more to it than that but hey, it would have been a good choice for me.  I live around a lot of crazy folks as it is.  Treating crazy folks would be  my forte.   Maybe I could have treated some of these whack jobs around me.  Well, I could have at least given them meds to keep them quiet.  Yep, that would have been lovely.

This doctor seemed to be a bit impressed that I am a very active woman online.  Hey, I gave him my address to one of my more active sites and told him to check me out.  Maybe he will read this.  Oops, I hope not.  Well, it doesn’t matter.  He is my shrink.  Maybe he will just give me something to keep me quiet. ha ha

I love you Dr. Dolittle. ♥  Truly, I do.

Check out my page on Geeks.  It is a great site and you might just decide to join.

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