Cell Phone Challengened

Both my sons have fancy cell phone.  They come by and while here, show me what they will do.  I never intended to get behind on any technology that I use.  However, I am a total dork when it comes to using a cell phone.  Back when I bought my first one, one couldn’t even text on them.  Now, they are like mini computers.  I can text but I do it using my computer.  If I had to send a message using those small keys on a cellphone, I don’t think it would happen.

My son was trying to decide what browser to use on his phone.  What?  Now one can use a browser?  Amazing.  I should have known since I have friends who tell me about going online using their phones.   I just can’t imagine it being a satisfying experience with such a small screen.   If I were to ever buy a new one, it would have to have the gadget that would allow me to enlarge the text or photos by touching the screen.  Plus, the screen would have to be big enough for me to truly see the content.

All the time that I have been watching the criminal shows on television, I still didn’t realize that technology was so far advanced.  Do y’all remember watching  NCIS and how they can touch the screen than makes what they are viewing bigger?  Well, I must be getting slow because I thought that was just something  kind of sci-fi.  It seems that I have done what I claimed I would never do.  I have become cell phone challenged.  I am not sure if I had one I could use it.

I think it is time the cell phone was given a new name.  Think about it.  Maybe Cellputer would be a good name.  Think about all they can do. They have alarms for waking you, they have calculators,  are internet friendly, can take photos, text,  some have a GPS system so people never get lost.  I am sure I am missing a lot of features but since I do not own one, what do I know?  Not much.

I suppose I could give up my computer, my alarm clock and my digital camera if I bought one.  What would be the point of owning all the other items if I had a new fangled cell phone?

No, I think I will keep my computer, camera and alarm clock for now.  Who knows but the day may come when we all will only have a cell phone to do all that is necessary to get though the day. Back when I was growing up, we had a telephone but we had to share the line with at least 6 other people.  It was called a party line.  If someone was calling our phone number, it would ring two short rings, another families phone might have one long ring. That was how we knew who’s phone was being called.  I remember my grandmother sitting at a phone table listening in on other people’s conversations.  Yes, she lived in the country and I suppose that was like watching or should I say listening to a soap opera.

This looks like the one my grand mother owned.

We have come a long way in such a short distance of time.  It makes me wonder what technology will be like in just five more years.


Google Talk Is Up and Running

Just in case y’all aren’t aware, Google Talk is up and running and out of beta.  It seems that we have the world at our finger tips with calling and video chatting.  I love it.

I signed up for a number this week and now I can call anyone in the states for free. To me, that beats any other program out there.

You sign up to get a number. They will give you choices out of a few. If you live in a small town like I do, your town may not show up as being available for this. If you can make a call without charges to the biggest city near you, type in the name of it and you can get a number.

The way it works is that you make the call from your computer or while logged on to the web using your email from your cell phone.  It rings the phone that you have chosen to call….in my case, my home phone.  When my phone rings, I answer and press 2 and the # sign.  Then the number that I am calling starts to ring.  Anyone can chose their home phone, cell phone or work phone to have the call routed there.

By calling your own Google number

When you call your own Google number and sign into the Google voicemail system, you’ll have the option to place a call. Just press 2 and enter the number.

It is great that we can make these calls from our web mail.

Once you have a number, people can call you using that number. If you aren’t available, a message will be left for you once you program the program to do all that you want.  There are many options available to use.  Another thing one can do is program the calls backs so a person has to leave their name so you can decide if you want to accept it.  Just check out their site using the links I have provided.

There is also a plug in for using a video talk even on your cell phone.

Check it out. I think it is great because it doesn’t cost a dime and international calls are very cheap.


One thing is for sure, we have come a long way baby.

The Relationship Between Some Men and Women

As women we get involved with a man and we have a tendency to think that what they say or do is true.  That is really something that we need to work on because men do not have the same way of looking at things as we do.  For instance if a man says that he loves us, we think that he means that he is in love with us.  That is not always the case.  What they really mean is that they love in their way.  We can love people and not be in love with them.

A man is driven by sex and he will be the nice guy that we expect to achieve his goal.  We on the other hand may want sex but we also want a commitment to go with it.  Just because a man says he loves us and then we have sex with them doesn’t mean that he will commit to a relationship.  So many men want to have a good sex life but they are not willing to give up their freedom to have it with just one woman.

Think about this for a moment.  If a woman is willing to have sex without a firm commitment, then why should the man be devoted to just that one woman?  He may see someone else that he finds attractive and if she is willing, he will have sex with her too.  He doesn’t think a thing about it because he is driven by his sex drive.  It is called testosterone.

This is nothing new and we women should know it.  When we were dating as teenagers, our boyfriends wanted to have sex with us and that desire never ever goes away.  Even if a man is not capable of having sex, he still thinks, dreams and plans for a way that he might be able to.

Why do you suppose that there are so many things on the market for men?  There is a pill that they can take to enlarge their penis, and then there is a pump, that a man can use to make himself hard.  It doesn’t do him any good because he is not able to get off using the pump but he can have sex with a woman and that in itself is enough for us to understand, that sex is at the core of every man’s being.

The issue of sex as we get older is just as hard of an issue to deal with as it was when we were virgins.  The problem now is that we want to have a sexual relationship with someone that we truly care for, but we do not want them to be in and out of bed with other women.  How are we to know if they are or aren’t?  We could ask them but they might not tell us the truth.  It is a difficult issue at most.  It is something that needs time to decide.  I suppose what we have to do is see if the man is truly interested in just being with us in the first place before we commit.

How do we do that you may ask?  It is reasonably simple.  We watch his behavior.  If he has too many excuses as to why he can’t make a date, it may be because he isn’t really interested enough to make the effort.  If he doesn’t take the time to call just to hear our voice, then he doesn’t want to hear our voice.  They might say that they didn’t have the time.  I call that crap.

Let me ask you a question.  If he isn’t at work and he isn’t sleeping, he is usually in his car driving to work or home.  What is wrong with his cell phone?  Most men have a cell phone today.  Two minutes is just about enough time for a man to let a woman know that she has been at the center of his thoughts that day.  Two minutes is enough time for most women to be satisfied that he cares.

When you ask him to come to a function and he says that he sort of planned to go to a friend’s home for an occasion but that he is not sure, that is being totally unfair.  He then tells you later and usually at the last moment, that he has decided to go to the friend’s house.  He may be going to a friend’s house or he might have been waiting for another offer from another woman.  Or it could be as simple as he just didn’t want to make the effort to spend the day with you.  So what do you think now?  Do you make an excuse for him and keep seeing him or do you finally find some pride that you have been hiding from yourself and dump him?

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