Growing Up In The Country

My life in the country as a young girl growing up.


When I was born, we lived in a small city in Alabama. When my sister was hit by a truck after she slide off the hood of the car that was parked on the street, our parents moved to the country.

It wasn’t a town but just a small place with a lot of churches and a couple of gas stations with small grocery stores inside. I remember getting off the school bus that brought me home from about ten miles away. The school was in a small yet active town.

When the county sent a road grader out to spread new gravel on the road and smooth it out, everyone was excited as the road had holes in it sometimes. Once we turned off the main road which was a four lane later, it was a two lane road that took us to our community. Then we had to turn onto a dirt road to get to our house. The road to my house was lonely as there were not anymore houses for at least a mile.

Many, many times, I walked to see a girl friend who lived on the other end of that road as I passed trees with muscadine vines growing up in them. These were a real treat in the summer if we could get them before the animals did. One spot on the road was where chert was gotten to put on the road. It left a small pond if it had rained. In this pond would be tadpoles. My sister and I was amazed at these little creatures living in the water. We knew that later, they would become frogs.

Anyway, we would walk all the way to the end of it just because that is what little children did. We could take off to play in the pasture, wade in the creek where stones were like a play ground to my sister and me. If we didn’t have chores, we played outside all day. Mom would call us from the front porch when it was time for dinner. I can still hear my mom calling my name over and over again making sure that I heard her. I would hear her and call back to her that I was coming.

Most of the homes were small and well cared for if the people owned them. Other homes were not nice at all but people had to have a place to live. Most people had wells for water without indoor plumbing. We didn’t have indoor plumbing until I was about eleven years old.

I drew more water than any little girl that I knew. The well had a bucket attached to a rope. I would drop the bucket into the well and I always watched it as it fell into the water. I would pull on the rope to see if the pail was full and when it was, I would draw it up with a crank. Imagine all the water a family of six used each day. Mom did laundry about once a week and the washing machine had to be filled as did both of the galvanized tubs, that were used to rinse the clothes.

Plus, the family bathed each night in a tub that was used to rinse the clothes in. We had to have water to wash our hair, mop the floors, do the dishes and cook with. Just think about all that one uses water for in their homes. Then imagine all of that water coming from a well in a gallon and one half bucket one bucket at a time.

A few of my friends in the area did have indoor plumbing and I thought they were rich. Me knowing that they didn’t have to go outside to an outhouse made me think they must be rich. I remember watching cars go down the two lane paved road in the summer and if the cars had their windows rolled up, I knew they had air conditioning in them. That amazed me that people had that kind of money.

The church where we attended on Sunday sat on a hill and was made of stone. It had a tall steppe on top with a cross. One Sunday, my mother forgot to put the emergency brake on and she saw the car rolling down the hill. She was about ninety-eight pounds at five foot five and being wiry and full of adventure, she ran to stop the car. I still can’t believe she jumped inside to stop that car. Afterward, mom never drove again. I think it scared her too much. Anyway, that church split as some churches do and we started to another church. We attended meetings in a small building until the members built a new church.

All of the men gathered their tools and went to help build the church. My dad was not a member but he helped. My dad was like that. He would help anyone do anything, He enjoyed it. Mom was so proud of him. At that church, I played the piano for the first time in public. To me the woman who played the piano each Sunday was wonderful. My dream was to learn to play as well as her.

During the summer after school was out, we had vacation bible school. We always attended. It would have been unheard of not to. We would study and afterward, the ladies in the church would make cookies and we would probably have cool aide to drink. This one woman made great cookies. At least to me. The cookies had a bit of jelly right in the center. They were special and a real treat.

We had a cow that had to be milked twice a day. My dad milked the cow before going to work and again in the evening after coming home. We had butter from that milk as well as buttermilk for mom to cook delicious breads. Mom and dad enjoyed drinking it but not me.

We also had chickens. There was a chicken coop out behind our house where the chickens would go to roost in the late evenings. I suppose the chickens laid their eggs before leaving the chicken coop in the mornings. I remember going into the coop to gather the eggs when the chickens were pecking away at insects, worms or whatever pleased them during the day. The sound of a rooster crowing is still one of my favorite sounds.

Mom and dad always had a huge garden where they grew about anything one could think of. People would drive from miles around just to see their garden. It really was that pretty and nice. There were never any weeds in it. I know because I learned to use a hoe early in life. Mom would get up just at day break to poison the vegetables. She said she did then because there was no wind. She would put something over her mouth because she realized she didn’t need to breath the dust. That was back when we still used DDT. However, mom knew that she couldn’t use the poison after a certain time during the growing season or the food would be contaminated.

When the garden would be filled with beans, pens, corn, okra along with other vegetables, they would have to be picked. I enjoyed it. However, I didn’t like cutting okra because if the leaves or pods touched my skin, it would make it itch. Mom always worn long sleeved shirts to cut it.

When the beans or peas were gathered in big buckets, we children would sit with mom under a shade tree to string the green beans or shell the peas to be canned. What we didn’t eat was canned and believe me, that was a lot. One year we grew some peanuts. Our soil was sandy but rich and anything would grow nicely. It was my job to keep the weeds out. I remember when the time came to pull them up. Dad made little cuts in the ground far out from the plant and then he would pull up the entire vine. The peanuts would be left turned upside down to dry in the sun.

As y’all can see, I enjoyed my life in the country. It was a fun place to live. My wish is that every child could have a chance to live at least one year like I did back when I was just a girl.

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Getting Hooked On Your Families Genealogy

The photo is of my great grand father who settle in North Alabama in 1852

I have been doing genealogy research since about nine-teen ninety-seven and have more information of all of my different family lines that I would ever have imagined. I know who my twenty-seventh great grand mother was by way of marriage on my father's side. She came from Spain to marry into our English family. Since the family was royalty, that was common.

It started with my mom showing interest in her family. She told me where she thought her family was from but after doing the research, she was wrong about one thing. I have not found one Irish person in our family.

Once I started doing research, I became engrossed in finding out more and more. I was never happy to know just a little, I wanted to know it all and I just about do.

My dad's side of my family is rich in history. His ancestors came to America in the mid sixteen hundreds and because planters. That is a fancy word for farmers. They raised all the grains that most people did as well as tobacco because the English loved their tobacco and they knew that since England is where they lived before coming here. They did very well for themselves but I keep thinking about how they coped with King George III sending troops here during that time and how it affected their lives. I have never found information that they housed one or more of these soldiers as was common.

This family lived in a castle and had titles yet, one brother wanted to strike it out on his own to come to a wild and strange land. One that wasn't settled by any means. He was English as I have stated. Going back into his family of ancestors, I can tell anyone that before coming to England, they lived as a royal family in France. It all had to do with France taking control of England. Before that, they were from Norway where they were also royalty and before that in the seventh century, they were royalty in Sweden. That could be backward. It may have been Sweden and then Norway. I am not sure without looking it up in my records.

My great grand father on my mom's side was in the American Civil War on the Confederate side. He was a little man of only five foot two with dark hard, dark complexion with green eyes. This information can be found on his records when the North won the war. Confederates had to pledge their allegiance to the United States of America since we had pulled out before the war. They documented the persons looks.

This type of information can be found in any good library that has good genealogy records. This man is my brick wall. I can not find anything on him other than where he lived here in Alabama in eight-teen seventy on the census records. He was living next door to the family of the woman he would marry.

My dad's side of the family were not happy to stay in one place. I think of them as being like a band of gypsies. They settled in Virginia but as the family grew, the men struck out for other southern states as land was available at the expense of the Native Americans.

My great grand father on my dad's side was born in Georgia but when land came available in North Alabama, he came here. To get land one has to live in that place for a year. Having children helped because for each one, your name was put into the hat that many more times.

His lovely wife died after giving birth the year they arrived here. It just seems to me that he could have waited until she had the child to make that journey from Georgia to Alabama. Oh, I am forgetting just how those times we so different.

I could write for days but I decided to hit a few high points or low depending on how one looks at it.

History to me is exciting. The more I learn the more I want to know.

For anyone interested in getting started, the census records are available up to nine-teen thirty now. That is a great place to start.

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Congressional Reform Act 2010


Control Congress



I received this from a friend today in my email.  It made such a huge impact on me that I thought I should put it up for others to read.

Congressional  Reform Act of  2010

1. Term  Limits.

12 years only,  one of the possible options  below..

A. Two Six-year  Senate terms
B. Six Two-year  House terms
C. One Six-year  Senate term and three Two-Year House  terms

2.   No Tenure / No Pension.

A  Congressman collects a salary while in office  and receives no pay when they are out of  office.

3.   Congress (past, present & future)  participates in Social Security.

All  funds in the Congressional retirement fund move  to the Social Security system immediately.   All future funds flow into the Social  Security system, and Congress participates with  the American people.

4.  Congress can purchase their ownretirement plan,  just as all Americans do.

5.  Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay  raise.  Congressional pay will rise by the  lower of CPI or 3%.

6.  Congress loses their current health care system  and participates in the same health care system  as the American  people.

7.  Congress must equally abide by all laws they  impose on the American people.

8.  All contracts with past and present Congressmen  are void effective  1/1/11.

The American  people did not make this contract with  Congressmen.  Congressmen made all these  contracts for  themselves.

Serving  in Congress is an honor, not a career.  The  Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators,  serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

Beware Optimist Person Aboard

In my life, I have found that to be a pessimist only brings worry and fretful feelings of discontent. Anxiety takes over people’s lives and they can not be as productive as they could be. Some people do not seem to be able to look at the positive side of life. My heart goes out to them because they are not living a happy life.

For the most of my life, I have been an optimist. It was a choice that I made. Anyone can make that choice but living it is another thing. We sometimes have to let a few friends or family members not have too much access to our lives if they are a pessimist person. We also have to remind ourselves daily that we want good things to come our way.

If one is looking for a job and they think they will get one, they usually do. It also applies to one not thinking they will get one. It has to do with how we feel about ourselves as a person.

People who bring negativity to me are not welcome. Right now, I have a friend I have been talking to about how to look at things with a positive attitude. I thought that I was making some progress with them but I fear that I was only kidding myself. This person told me they needed me in their life. The reason being is because I am happy and laugh a lot. I look at the bright side of things and do not dwell on the negative.

For a little while, when this person started being so negative, I could pull them out of it. They would start laughing with me and we would enjoy our time talking. Then, I noticed that they reverted back to their old ways and I do not have time to baby sit someone trying to keep them in a good mood.

However, as much as I am bright, cheerful and positive when in conversation with my friend, they can not see that things in their life would improve if only, they changed what they expect to happen.

That is where optimism comes in. If a person looks at a problem in life and expects the best will come of it, they have a better chance of good actually happening. If they expect the worst, one can bet the worst will happen.

I have a theory about this. I have also written about this many times in hopes that just one person will understand and apply it to their lives.

Our brain reacts to what we tell it. If we tell it good things all the time, after a while, our brain will take over and we will start seeing things in a positive way. However, if we tell our brain that we are a failure, then it will respond in such a way that we will fail. How many of y’all have seen someone who never thought good would happen in their lives? Did that person have good happen? Think about that for a moment.

I am not sure why people develop such negative attitudes in life but if they could only try to change with daily affirmations, they could change and be happy, productive and happy people.

After saying all of that, I suppose it is clear that I am very optimist woman and I always will be. I have my days when I feel a bit blue as everyone does. The difference is that I do not dwell on what has made me feel blue. I pull myself together and get back to the business of being positive which brings me much joy in my life.

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Awesome High School Football Team


Blazing Football


I wonder how many folks out there know how exciting high school football can be.  Some teams are blessed with the best coaches.  These coaches sometimes change the lives of the young men under their charge.  A lot of 6-A school have great teams because they have a lot of young men from which to pick.  Plus, they have the money to hire the best coaches for their teams.  However, our school is not that big of a school.  Saying it is 3-A means it is a mid sized school since schools are ranked from 1-A to 6-A with 1-A being the smallest.

My grandson is on a winning team again this year.  Last year this same team was only scored on three times but never lost a game all the way though the play offs.  They took state in the 3-A division in the state of Alabama.  That was an awesome feat for a small school who had never come close to having a winning team such as this one under the leadership of Keith Etheredge.


Coach Keith Etheredge


Coach Etheredge went to high school there with my youngest son.  He finished college served his time and came back to his school to lead these young men to victory.  He is making men out of these young men.  Other than their school work and playing football they serve doing community service work under his direction.

These young men look up to their coach with admiration and will do anything for him.  That says a lot about this coach.  My grandson had to be on the field the morning of the game ready to scrimmage at six am.  That is tough for young men.  Yet, as I stated, they all are devoted to school and their football team.  That same day, they had a homecoming parade.  It was small but it was a lot of fun to go out to support the school and the football team.


Cropped Photo of team


All of the boys on the team received a huge championship ring last year thanks to the awesome contributions of the community.  I hope they get another one this year as they deserve it.


Championship Ring


If there were more people in the school systems who cared as much about the young people as this coach, there would be less kids in the street and more involved in the school.

My hat goes off to this coach for all of his devoted time.  Cheers to Coach Etheredge, the school and the sports program.  One more  thing is that last year, the basketball team also won state.


3-A Basketball Champs


Books On My Shelf


Beneath is a list of books currently on my bookshelf.  They are listed by the authors last name.  These are not near the books I have read, just the ones still in my home.  I keep certain books because I want to read them again.

Other books I recycle to others,  as books need to be read.  I hope you find a book of interest and read it.  One will find anything from novels, American literature, self help, historical fiction and the classics.

Be sure to check out Lee Smith as she is one of my all time favorite authors.

Have fun browsing and know that you too can list your collection of books on this site.

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No One Is Normal?

A new study that will be added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders manual in 2013 suggest that no one is normal.  It seems that an update to devalue mental illness will put all of us in the category of not being normal.

Oh how I adore new research.  Without it, I would have nothing to think or talk about in life.  Scientists amaze me which leads me to wonder if the government and pharmaceutical companies aren’t giving too much grant money to these mad scientist for research.   I wonder if anyone is normal.  In my thoughts most of us are as normal as can be.  It is research that has put labels on all of us.

If a child has a tantrum, they must have a problem.  Here is my thought on that since I have two grown sons and have watched their children as well.

Small children are not wired to understand how things work in life.  They become frustrated because of a lack of understanding.  Their little minds want something that mommy will not allow.  Since they see mommy and daddy getting everything that they want, they don’t understand why they too can not have anything they desire.

Think about a child in a buggy at the grocery store.  Mom or dad walks thought the store putting all kind of things in the buggy.  Some things the child understands but not all.  Then they arrive at the check out and all the small child wants is one piece of candy.  Mommy says no.  What?  How dare she not give me a small piece of candy when this entire buggy is filled?  That is when the temper tantrum starts.

On with my thinking.  A young girl reads fashion magazines and sees that all the models look like pencils.  They are paid outrageous sums to model, the world makes a huge fuss over them so, they must be the most desired people on the planet.  Girls see movie stars with perfect air brushed complexions, hair that on one could copy, dressed in amazing and expensive clothes that show off their prefect bodies and they too make a fortune.  The world loves them too.

The young girl doesn’t get a lot of attention and she has no hope of making a lot of money when she is grown, thus, she has to look like a pencil if she is to ever get young Bob to look at her.  What about her  future?  Well, she will have to be super thin to be successful in life.

What can she do to look like those amazing people?  After a while, she figures out that she has to stop eating.  How?  Well, she could eat and then go to the bathroom and purge or she could just chew her food and not swallow it.  Yes, there is the answer which sets her on the road to a real problem.

Here is what I did when I was a teenager and wanted to look amazing.  I exercised twice a day.  It never crossed my mind to not eat.  The answer was in gym.  The teacher told us if we exercised, we could look good.  It didn’t take her telling me too many times before I hit the floor killing myself with hard work exercising.  It paid off too.  I was in great shape and had this tiny waist.  What a shame that young girls can’t know that today as much as exercise is advertised.

But, back to the young girl. Does she need pills to help her with her problem?  No, her mind needs to be retrained to accept herself as the lovely creature that she is.  She needs acceptance from those around her.

My point is that in life, most of us are normal.  We have a different ways of looking at things which brings on some unusual behavior at times.  Do we all need a pill for unusual behavior?  Please.  If most of the pills made today were trashed, I think we would all be normal.

Sometimes I wonder; what came first, the problems that people have in life or mad scientist who do too much research.

More reading.

USA Today on Super Models.  Are they influencing our young?

Research on normal.

The World And The Reasons We Can't Live in Harmony.

If we all could put bad feeling concerning color of people and different religions aside, we could live in peace. It seems that people hate each other because they are not the same color. This has always amazed me. How I came out of a community of people who were so bias against color without being influenced, I do not know but I did.

We all are the same. We just have different cultures. Culture of the many different types of people is the most interesting thing ever to me. I love to know about how different people live, eat, work, raise their children and worship.

People must fear what they do not know or understand. Some white people think they are superior because of their color and so many look down on any other race. What gives these people the right to think they are better? They have only had more advantages. In my opinion, anyone who has had more advantages in life should be helping those who have not. "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." Author unknown.

African Americans in some cases do not like white people. Some feel that they were done wrong for ages and hold the white people alive today to blame. I did not do anything to make their lives bad. My ancestors may have but not me. Please don't hate me. Love me as I love you.

People hate Mexicans because they come to this country looking for a better life. Not only that but in some cases, they are trying to get out of a country filled with violence because of drug lord wars. We in this country have no clue as to how bad it really is. Who can blame them? I can't. If I was a mother who had children to take care of and to keep safe, I probably would be risking my life to get into another country for their safety as well as to find a better life. All the discussions about this I will save for another time.

I could go on and on about different people but anyone reading gets my point.

Differences in religion has started more wars in the world probably than anything else. People of one religion hate people with a different one. Even in the protestant world, people who belong to one church do not like the way people in another church believe. Why? What does it matter? We all believe in God and Christians believe in Jesus Christ. Does it really matter that the Jewish people are still waiting for the return of Christ? Does it matter than the Muslims had a prophet they follow? How many Christians go to pray to their God six times a day? I don't know any.

I remember as a child my mother was Baptist and my uncle by marriage was a Church of Christ member. He and mom had many heated discussions about who was right. I remember hearing these discussions and wondering why it mattered who was right.

The Jewish people want Jerusalem, as do the Muslims and Christians. They all lay claim to it since it is a holy city of God. Why can't we all have it? Why can't we all think of it as a Holy place and get along? There are too many reasons why people think not but it is not for this discussion.

My point to all of this is that we all could live in peace and harmony if only people loved each other as we are taught according to God's holy word.

One passage from the "I Have A Dream" speech by Martin Luther King stays in my heart always.

He said, "I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood."

I pray for the day when all men will be equal. They are now equal and always have been in the eyes of God.

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Talking To My Sixteen Year Old Self

Sassy at 16

Honey, you don’t know it now but your life is going to be awesome. Quit worrying about everything and just take life as it comes.

Dream big, big dreams because all the dreams that you dreamed have already come true. See? If you had dreamed bigger and better dreams, you might be a famous writer today. Remember that book you started last year? Yep, that one. If you had faith in your abilities, you would have already been on book signing tours many years ago.

One thing that I am very pleased about is that you had children early in life. What a great thing you did. You grew up with your sons. They loved having a a young mom. You played ball with them, took them places, and just had a great time. Plus, you were a rocking mom but still managed to teach them all the right things to be great adults in life.

Now, they are grown with children of their own and you are still young enough to really get a kick out of life. You will learn to love yourself without conditions. Your self confidence will be awesome. I know you don’t believe this now but it is true. Oh, and you will find happiness living alone. Yep, hard to believe isn’t it? Don’t worry darling. You are so much brighter, prettier, aware and braver than you think.

When your day comes to get out in this world, just grab hold and down let go because honey, it is going to be one heck of a ride.

I love you baby more than you will ever know.

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AVG Anti-Virus and Yahoo Search

I learn something new everyday.  Most of the time, it is on purpose but sometimes like today it was an accident.

I run AVG anti-virus on my computer and use Yahoo Email.  I have a bar at the top of my page for both.  AVG has made some great new developments that I wasn’t aware of.  Now, I will have to dig in to see just what all it can do for me.  I do know that it alerts me to a page that isn’t safe.

Usually, when I am on a page and highlight something to look up in another window, I copy and paste it into my browser.  Since I have the AVG toolbar installed, I highlighted something today and was looking to see where I wanted to paste it.  I have Goole, my main browser search bar Yahoo and of course the AVG which I never have used.

I looked up and what I had highlighted was already in the AVG search bar.  Yeah, that sure is a time saver.  Now, I will depend on AVG to do my searching for me.  Thanks AVG you are the best.

If you need a free Anti-virus program that will do a great job of protecting your computer, I highly recommend AVG.  CNET has it and the good part is it is free.  Click the link below to get it today.  Never run your computer without the best protection.  AVG has never failed me.

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