Elderly Crossing. Grandchildren Help!

The last day of this month, I will be sixty-five.  What?  How in the Lord’s heaven did that happen?   It seems like just few years back that I had children at home.   I tell my sons now to enjoy the years they have with their children at home because they are the best years of a person’s life.  It was for me.  I had someone to interact with each day.  Someone I loved and wanted to guide.  They may not have enjoyed my guidance but they heard what I had to say anyway.

Life was so sweet in those days.

Then there was the years of the grandchildren.  I don’t  feel like I am at that stage now but I am.  The best years was when the boys who belong to my oldest son were little.  I never had to disciple them.  They were great children raised by great parents.  Those boys never embarrassed anyone anywhere.   I give the most of the credit to their mom.  However, when mom needed backup, all my son had to do was walk into the room.  He has a huge presence.  They love their dad.  Of course, they love mom too but it is different.  I know.  Mom is the one who nurture us.  Dad’s are there to protect us.

Me when my grandson were still young with my friend Boat Dawg.

Anyway, I have been having problems with my health for about a year now.  I have spent too much time in the doctors office to only have arthritis.   That is what I thought but not so.  People do not realize that when a person has arthritis, they live in pain most days.  I do.  I kept thinking there was something that could be done to help with the pain.  Yesterday, my doctor who specializes in my problem told me that all that could be done had been done.

I am not giving up because I have enrolled in therapy.  The main thing I am interested in is the water therapy.  One can do exercises to stay strong and flexible.  Hopefully, that will help.  If it doesn’t, I suppose I am doomed to living my life on pain medication.  I take it now just to get through the day.

I have to stay on top of my game because of my darling five year old grand daughter.  She is like a bolt of lightning.    She is on the move all the time.  Well, there are those moments when she sits in my lap to be read to or to just kiss me and tell me that I am the greatest Nana in the world wide world.  Now, those are precious times.  They will not last too long because they grow too fast.  Even now, she will go into her room and change clothes telling me that she is getting ready for her date.  I ask who is taking her out and she tells me the name of a little boy who is in kindergartener with her.

Look at Me/remind you of someone? Maybe MaDonna

Sometimes, we play make believe and I am him.  Oh, his name is Jacob.  I will be Jacob and we have these grand conversations.  Then she will want me to be her teacher or she will ask if she can call me mommy.  We have great fun play acting.  I think it is a good thing because it is preparing her for growing up.  Or, it could be as simple as her play acting with the people she loves the most.

I have had a lot of fun in my sixty-five years and I have had some bad times.  I try to never look back on the bad.  They serve no purpose.  For now, I plan to just enjoy the grandchildren and the friends I have.  Life is still good and I plan to do all  I can to keep it that way.


Determined To Find A Life In 2010

Let me see.  That gives me ten years to find a new life.  One might ask what is wrong with the one I have?  What is not wrong would be a better question.  My son has been a drug user since his high school days.  I had him in and out of drug rehabs until I understood that he only learned about a new drug in there.  Yep, just as soon as he was out, he was on to trying the latest drug that he learned about in rehab.

My front door has revolved with him in and out of it for years.  He would find a way to get inside after I had said no a hundred times.  Mom, I just need a place to stay for a couple of days.  That would turn into a few weeks.  After that length of time, I would be stark raving crazy and would put his things out and change the locks.  The last time he wanted to come live with me, he had a baby daughter with him.  His girl friend wasn’t stable enough to care for her.  He thought he was.  I ended up taking care of the precious baby.  Then one day he came home after being out with her for a weekend and told me that he was using again and needed help.  Help?  Right.  How many times had I heard that?

I called DHR (Children Services) and took the child and sent his butt to the curb.  No.  I will not listen to I need your help any longer.  Long story short, he doesn’t have the child and neither do I.  As long as she was in my care, he came and went around here as he pleased.  I couldn’t take it.  Why?  I don’t like him.  Why should I?  All I have to do to be reminded of my life with him is to raise a photo on any wall in my home to see the hole that he put their with his fist.  Yes, I kept those holes for a reason.  I could have patched them but they serve a better purpose by not being patched.

Now the child is living with her mother’s grandmother.  The mom lives with them.  The good thing  is a grandfather is involved.  He makes her toe the line.  She can go to work but when she is home in his house, she has to take care of the baby.  Good for a strong-minded man.  I visited her last week.  She seemed happy.  We played and danced and sang Barney songs on the porch.  I know in my heart that I will not be allowed to come and go in her life.  That family will not let me.  Oh, did I mention that my son doesn’t know it the child is his?  Hopefully, that will come up in court before too long.

I also had a person scam me into staying with me for a month while he waited on his bank account to be transferred and credit cards to arrive.  Right.  They never arrived.  I kicked him out too.  A shame that he wasn’t a good guy because he was a great cook and loved to help wash the dishes.  Other than that, he was worthless.  Hey, I am just telling it like it is.

So, I am interested in getting my head on straight because it seems to have SUCKER written across it.  I wonder if I could get it off with some good strong detergent or if I will need plastic surgery?  Hey, maybe some of that makeup for people with scars will help until I can figure out what is wrong with me in the shrink’s office.

Happy New year folks.  I am on my way to a better life in two-thousand-ten.  Goodness gracious but that is weird in print.

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