Cell Phone Challengened

Both my sons have fancy cell phone.  They come by and while here, show me what they will do.  I never intended to get behind on any technology that I use.  However, I am a total dork when it comes to using a cell phone.  Back when I bought my first one, one couldn’t even text on them.  Now, they are like mini computers.  I can text but I do it using my computer.  If I had to send a message using those small keys on a cellphone, I don’t think it would happen.

My son was trying to decide what browser to use on his phone.  What?  Now one can use a browser?  Amazing.  I should have known since I have friends who tell me about going online using their phones.   I just can’t imagine it being a satisfying experience with such a small screen.   If I were to ever buy a new one, it would have to have the gadget that would allow me to enlarge the text or photos by touching the screen.  Plus, the screen would have to be big enough for me to truly see the content.

All the time that I have been watching the criminal shows on television, I still didn’t realize that technology was so far advanced.  Do y’all remember watching  NCIS and how they can touch the screen than makes what they are viewing bigger?  Well, I must be getting slow because I thought that was just something  kind of sci-fi.  It seems that I have done what I claimed I would never do.  I have become cell phone challenged.  I am not sure if I had one I could use it.

I think it is time the cell phone was given a new name.  Think about it.  Maybe Cellputer would be a good name.  Think about all they can do. They have alarms for waking you, they have calculators,  are internet friendly, can take photos, text,  some have a GPS system so people never get lost.  I am sure I am missing a lot of features but since I do not own one, what do I know?  Not much.

I suppose I could give up my computer, my alarm clock and my digital camera if I bought one.  What would be the point of owning all the other items if I had a new fangled cell phone?

No, I think I will keep my computer, camera and alarm clock for now.  Who knows but the day may come when we all will only have a cell phone to do all that is necessary to get though the day. Back when I was growing up, we had a telephone but we had to share the line with at least 6 other people.  It was called a party line.  If someone was calling our phone number, it would ring two short rings, another families phone might have one long ring. That was how we knew who’s phone was being called.  I remember my grandmother sitting at a phone table listening in on other people’s conversations.  Yes, she lived in the country and I suppose that was like watching or should I say listening to a soap opera.

This looks like the one my grand mother owned.

We have come a long way in such a short distance of time.  It makes me wonder what technology will be like in just five more years.


Could I Survive No Internet for a Whole Month?

Could I live without the internet? That is like asking if I could do without coffee in the mornings. People understand how things go together in life. There is a commercial on television showing how people can do certain things without a cigarette.

There is no way I could drink coffee in the mornings without the internet in front of me. Where would I drink the coffee? In bed? I don’t think so since I live alone. At the kitchen table? No. I don’t have a kitchen table. Sitting on the sofa? No way. If I sit on the sofa, there are only two reasons. I either have guest or I am watching television.

Oh dear. Now, this question has me disturbed. I have friends from all over the world and chat with them in different forums everyday. That is where I get my dose of laughter. Today, while reading what some friends had posted in one of my forums, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. No way can I live without the internet for a month.

Heck, I might not laugh for a month. In one month, all the lines in my face will go away from not laughing and then I will not look like the wise woman that I am.

In one month, I could lose twenty pounds from not eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in front of my computer. Hey, if I didn’t have to clean the jelly off the keyboard, what would I do?

I don’t know who ask this question but I wish that I could track them down. I would give them a piece of my mind. Lord have mercy, I might not sleep tonight.

Oh and hi to all my friends in case something happens for a month and I can’t blog. Just know that I love ya dearly and will be back just as soon as I can.

Now, on to those forums to make sure they are still there.

Oh and the photo is off my mom and dad with my brother. I wonder how my mom would have lived her life if there had been the internet back in her day?

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Lying. Why?

One of the best liar on earth

I have known people who would lie when the truth would serve them better.  It has always amazed me, when a person lies to me thinking that I believe what they have to say.  One, they are not giving me credit for being an intelligent human being.  Two, they think they are so smart as to be able to deceive me.

I understand that lying has a lot to do with two main  things.  One is the desire to makes oneself look good not only in the eyes of others but to make themselves look good in their own eyes.  It has to do with self esteem.  Most people who lie suffer from low self esteem.  They just can’t bring themselves to allow others to see their faults.  Another thing is that they aren’t willing to see themselves as they really are.

Another reason in my opinion for lying is self preservation.  People can get backed into a corner in a situation and they will lie to protect themselves.  Is any of this a proven thought?  Not really except for the part about self esteem.  That has been written about many times by people who have actually done studies on others.

I just happen to understand these things from experiencing people lying to me.  There is one thing that I totally do not understand.  When we meet a perfect stranger online, why would they lie to us about themselves?  What is the purpose?  We may never meet that person in real life so what is the purpose of leading a person down the wrong path?  How do I know they lied?  I finally met them.  Enough said.

I suppose it goes back to what I said about not approving of themselves.  Oh, let’s make ourselves look good to a perfect stranger.  Let’s pump their head full of untruths and look good.  No, they aren’t making the other person think any better of them.  They are only trying to convince themselves that they are worth while human beings.  Sad really.

I don’t know where I am going with this.  I think that I am just sounding off because I have been lied to by someone who was so good at it.  They didn’t flinch when they lied.  They didn’t even blink.  It was like they had no conscience at all.  I think if I took their pulse when they were lying,  that it would not have changed at all.  Now to me, this is scary.  I hope that I never get to the point in my life that I can lie and it not make me feel like the worst person ever.

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