Statins To Lower Cholesterol Are Killing Us

My doctor told me years ago that he wanted my cholesterol level to be down to one-hundred.  Sure doc.  I remember when doctors wanted it to only be at two-hundred.  Why the change in attitude?  Here is one of my thoughts.  I am not one to sit around blaming people for this or that.  I look for facts.

The Big Pharmacy Companies push doctors to use their drugs.  Many people know this but for those who do not, big phar gives doctors things like vacations, free meals at fancy restaurants and other things of value.  Some doctors become rich over the years because they give in to this.  Frankly, I feel that the big pharmacy companies are controlling our doctors.  Doctors should always have their patients health in their heart first.

Recently, I was in the hospital for a couple of day.  They did a lot of blood work.  It came back that my bad cholesterol level was ninety-four and the good was fifty.  I told a doctor friend of mine who is retired what they were.  He had a fit and told me that it was way too low.  He explained how cholesterol is needed by the brain for it to work properly.  He then sent me a link to a video.  I listened to this amazing doctor talk about it.  I was in shock.

My doctor was just about to give me a standing ovation when I told him how low it was.  Hugs for my young doctor.  I sent him the link in hopes that he would educate himself.

In this video, y’all will hear about how we are getting Alzheimers disease because of a lack of enough cholesterol.  You will hear that Alzheimers is a new disease.  It wasn’t around 45 years ago.  Surprised?  Just listen.

I am going to give y’all this link so you can hear for yourself what cholesterol is and why it needs to be around all total two-hundred and forty. Shocked?  I suppose so if your doctor is like mine.

When I started seeing my doctor, I told him jokingly not to worry that I would help him become a good doctor.  I would too if he would only listen.  What people do not know is that doctors have only in the last few years had to have one class on nutrition.  Amazing.

Be sure you have time to listen to this doctor.  He will change your mind about what your doctor tells you.  You will thank me.  Oh and if you listen to the next video of his, you will learn that people who drink coffee live longer.  Hooray.  I will be around for a long time.

I enjoy doing research and learning all I can. It seems to be something embedded in my brain.  When I find important information, I like to pass it on.  I hope I help just one person with this blog.  I wish y’all a wonderful day.



Growing Up In The Country

My life in the country as a young girl growing up.


When I was born, we lived in a small city in Alabama. When my sister was hit by a truck after she slide off the hood of the car that was parked on the street, our parents moved to the country.

It wasn’t a town but just a small place with a lot of churches and a couple of gas stations with small grocery stores inside. I remember getting off the school bus that brought me home from about ten miles away. The school was in a small yet active town.

When the county sent a road grader out to spread new gravel on the road and smooth it out, everyone was excited as the road had holes in it sometimes. Once we turned off the main road which was a four lane later, it was a two lane road that took us to our community. Then we had to turn onto a dirt road to get to our house. The road to my house was lonely as there were not anymore houses for at least a mile.

Many, many times, I walked to see a girl friend who lived on the other end of that road as I passed trees with muscadine vines growing up in them. These were a real treat in the summer if we could get them before the animals did. One spot on the road was where chert was gotten to put on the road. It left a small pond if it had rained. In this pond would be tadpoles. My sister and I was amazed at these little creatures living in the water. We knew that later, they would become frogs.

Anyway, we would walk all the way to the end of it just because that is what little children did. We could take off to play in the pasture, wade in the creek where stones were like a play ground to my sister and me. If we didn’t have chores, we played outside all day. Mom would call us from the front porch when it was time for dinner. I can still hear my mom calling my name over and over again making sure that I heard her. I would hear her and call back to her that I was coming.

Most of the homes were small and well cared for if the people owned them. Other homes were not nice at all but people had to have a place to live. Most people had wells for water without indoor plumbing. We didn’t have indoor plumbing until I was about eleven years old.

I drew more water than any little girl that I knew. The well had a bucket attached to a rope. I would drop the bucket into the well and I always watched it as it fell into the water. I would pull on the rope to see if the pail was full and when it was, I would draw it up with a crank. Imagine all the water a family of six used each day. Mom did laundry about once a week and the washing machine had to be filled as did both of the galvanized tubs, that were used to rinse the clothes.

Plus, the family bathed each night in a tub that was used to rinse the clothes in. We had to have water to wash our hair, mop the floors, do the dishes and cook with. Just think about all that one uses water for in their homes. Then imagine all of that water coming from a well in a gallon and one half bucket one bucket at a time.

A few of my friends in the area did have indoor plumbing and I thought they were rich. Me knowing that they didn’t have to go outside to an outhouse made me think they must be rich. I remember watching cars go down the two lane paved road in the summer and if the cars had their windows rolled up, I knew they had air conditioning in them. That amazed me that people had that kind of money.

The church where we attended on Sunday sat on a hill and was made of stone. It had a tall steppe on top with a cross. One Sunday, my mother forgot to put the emergency brake on and she saw the car rolling down the hill. She was about ninety-eight pounds at five foot five and being wiry and full of adventure, she ran to stop the car. I still can’t believe she jumped inside to stop that car. Afterward, mom never drove again. I think it scared her too much. Anyway, that church split as some churches do and we started to another church. We attended meetings in a small building until the members built a new church.

All of the men gathered their tools and went to help build the church. My dad was not a member but he helped. My dad was like that. He would help anyone do anything, He enjoyed it. Mom was so proud of him. At that church, I played the piano for the first time in public. To me the woman who played the piano each Sunday was wonderful. My dream was to learn to play as well as her.

During the summer after school was out, we had vacation bible school. We always attended. It would have been unheard of not to. We would study and afterward, the ladies in the church would make cookies and we would probably have cool aide to drink. This one woman made great cookies. At least to me. The cookies had a bit of jelly right in the center. They were special and a real treat.

We had a cow that had to be milked twice a day. My dad milked the cow before going to work and again in the evening after coming home. We had butter from that milk as well as buttermilk for mom to cook delicious breads. Mom and dad enjoyed drinking it but not me.

We also had chickens. There was a chicken coop out behind our house where the chickens would go to roost in the late evenings. I suppose the chickens laid their eggs before leaving the chicken coop in the mornings. I remember going into the coop to gather the eggs when the chickens were pecking away at insects, worms or whatever pleased them during the day. The sound of a rooster crowing is still one of my favorite sounds.

Mom and dad always had a huge garden where they grew about anything one could think of. People would drive from miles around just to see their garden. It really was that pretty and nice. There were never any weeds in it. I know because I learned to use a hoe early in life. Mom would get up just at day break to poison the vegetables. She said she did then because there was no wind. She would put something over her mouth because she realized she didn’t need to breath the dust. That was back when we still used DDT. However, mom knew that she couldn’t use the poison after a certain time during the growing season or the food would be contaminated.

When the garden would be filled with beans, pens, corn, okra along with other vegetables, they would have to be picked. I enjoyed it. However, I didn’t like cutting okra because if the leaves or pods touched my skin, it would make it itch. Mom always worn long sleeved shirts to cut it.

When the beans or peas were gathered in big buckets, we children would sit with mom under a shade tree to string the green beans or shell the peas to be canned. What we didn’t eat was canned and believe me, that was a lot. One year we grew some peanuts. Our soil was sandy but rich and anything would grow nicely. It was my job to keep the weeds out. I remember when the time came to pull them up. Dad made little cuts in the ground far out from the plant and then he would pull up the entire vine. The peanuts would be left turned upside down to dry in the sun.

As y’all can see, I enjoyed my life in the country. It was a fun place to live. My wish is that every child could have a chance to live at least one year like I did back when I was just a girl.

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Something weird in my den

I love watching television in the evenings.  In fact, I am one of those people who plans what they will watch.  No channel surfing for me.

Last night I wanted to watch two shows that come on the lifetime channel.  I had been using my remote all evening but when I picked it up to change to that station, it would not work.  Hey, what is with that?  Plus, for some strange reason I can not get that station to come on by pressing the channel buttons on my television.

This morning, I picked up the remote just to check and it was working.  I think it is time to get the oil out and anoint my home.  There has to be ghost controlling my television.

Oh, by the way, I watch the movie Patriot instead.  I don’t know why I have never watched it but it was great.  Maybe that ghost is trying to help me become my educated about history which I love.

How Great Our Online Friends Can Be

Online friends can become a part of our extended family. I have been on one site for at least six years now and some of those people are as close to me, as I am to members of my family. We share our thoughts and feelings on what is going on in our lives. We prop each other up when needed. We cheer when someone has something joyous to share. There are some people we even tell what we truly think about what they have posted. These people are our true friends as they take what we say, because they care about our opinions. The nice part is we send cards to each other though the mail when we have birthdays or during the Christmas holidays. It takes time to get to know people but once we invest the time to truly get to know who they are, we become friends indeed. It is so pleasant to me to go online and chat with a friend who might live half the world away. Someone I wish with all my heart that I could meet but know in my heart that I may never see their face. In some cases, we get really close to some people in just a short time. I have found this can be good and bad. It depends on the intention of the other person. I am always sincere with my intentions. However, not everyone is. There have been a few people who broke my heart because I was lead to believe that they had good intentions of getting to know me. I would treat them like a new friend in my regular life. Then when they just disappeared, it hurt. Not saying goodbye is sad. However, with all these thoughts in mind, I would not take anything for my online friends. Some of them are the best. I look forward to meeting many more people who I would never have known if it were not for computers and the internet.

We Are What We Think

So many people sit and complain about everything in life. If things do not go to please them, they validate it by complaining about it. Why is my question? Why give credit to anything bad in life?

We can chose to only validate the good in life just as well. I understand this as well as anyone. For years now, I have been dealing with arthritis. If I get out of bed in the morning complaining to myself about how bad I may feel, one can bet that I will feel bad most of the day. However, if I claim a happy attitude, it is mine for the taking. So, I have learned over the years to never claim the bad in life. I claim the good.

Let me explain a bit. In the last 15 years, I have had to deal with plenty of pain. I have had one knee replaced because of arthritis. Before it was replaced, I had to go for 6 years waiting to get old enough to have the surgery. I complained in my mind a lot. If only this or if only that would be in my thoughts. Oh my knee hurts.

Now, after surgery, when I realized the pain in my body wasn’t going  away, I adopted a new attitude. One of not complaining in my mind and certainly not to others. Since I started having a more positive attitude, my pain level has drop to nearly nothing. Why? I know that my brain only knows what I tell it. If I tell it something good, it will act accordingly.

For anyone who is dealing with pain, my suggestion is to change your way of thinking. Pain is magnified when we think about it a lot. It is lessened by not thinking about it. Some of you are thinking how can you not think about it? It isn’t easy but it can be done. Start by focusing on something else. Find something to occupy your mind. I promise that within thirty days, you will feel like a different person. That is how long it takes to make a new habit. Complaining about anything in life is a habit. A bad one. So make a new habit of not complaining.

Anyway, each day of my life, I do not give the pain in my body any recognition. As a result, I now take very little medication for pain. Oh, I have my moments and when I do, I take something but I do not dwell on it. Trust me on this as I know.

There are those out there who think that I am nuts. In some ways maybe but not about this.

More on this late so bookmark my page.

Sex and Insecurities

Today, I had an overdose of Sex In the City. After watching half a season of the first season, it occurred to me that maybe all of us are insecure.

Women are insecure when it comes to men and men are insecure when it comes to women.

We meet and then we pick everything apart. Does he only take me here or there so that I will not be seen by his friends? If I have sex with him on a first date, does that mean that it will never be a serious relationship?

Please, I can’t believe that that show is about such things. Haven’t we come far enough to know who we are and what we want? Does it matter if it becomes serious, if we are enjoying ourselves? I think not but it seems that there are still a lot of women out there who feel this way. Maybe it has something to do with age. The younger the woman, maybe the more insecure she is and for a reason.

Me? I am thankful to be older, wiser and know what I want or should I say expect in life. Not expecting anything is probably the best way to go. This way, we do not become insecure about the relationship that we are in, at the moment.

Looking back, I realize that yes, I suffered from those insecure moments in my life. Why is the question. There were always more than enough men to go around in my life. I never sat home on a weekend wishing that the phone would ring. So, I have to ask myself…why did I feel insecure? Was it an ego thing? Did I want to be the woman that all men adored? To be honest, I am not sure. Yet, I suppose that as the years tick by one of two things happens to women. We either become more sure of ourselves with or without a man in our lives, or we become very insecure because we feel that time is running out.

Most women but not all have an urge to have a child at some point in their lives. So, if that is the case, then it could be that they feel that time bomb ticking and know that if they don’t make a serious connection soon, they are not likely to have that child that they seek.

Well, now, I do believe that I sound like Carrie in Sex In the City. Maybe, I need to go see the editor at the local newspaper. What ya think?

I am so happy to just be me with or without someone special in my life. I am happy to be able to come and go as I please, eat when I please and sleep when I please.

I suppose if I never make another wonderful connection in my life, that I can at least pick apart the realm of outer space and the life form that might exist there. I wonder if the female form on Mars has our worries?

Working In A Man’s World Part I

Tonight I was watching a show called “One Of The Toughest Jobs.”

As I sat watching this show about repairing a passenger jet, I thought, right, you think that is a tough job? I have worked doing much the same thing as a woman. There was this guy showing how it was being done. He seemed to be feeling like he was sort of a super guy. Maybe, he didn’t work there full time.

The one thing that most people do not know about me is that I once was an aircraft mechanic. I worked in a place that had ten hanger filled with aircraft. The company did overhauls on military planes. We worked on F-4’s, KC-135’s and 130 Cargo planes. Some of these planes were Air Force and the others were Navy.

I worked on two of those projects. The first job was on the engine crew working on the F-4’s. When the plane came to our station, we had to pull the two jet engines out to be worked on. After they were finished, inspected and approved, we had to put them back in. That was a tough job because of the size of the plane. Try putting a part on in a place you can not even see. One had to feel their way around in a lot of cases or use a flexible mirror with a flashlight. One always had a partner. One held the flashlight while the other did the work.

No, I was not always the flashlight holder. Since some men resent women working in an environment that they consider their domain, they treat them bad. Women working along side of them making the same amount of money just rubbed them wrong. So, I felt that I had to prove myself. I worked hard very seldom asking for help.

Since we worked in pairs on that project, I did have help on occasion. It was necessary. Sometimes, I had the same partner and at others, someone else in the crew would work with me. The men in my crew came to admire me because they saw that I pulled my own weight. That still didn’t keep me from feeling out of place at times.

My point is that the show was about the toughest job. They were not doing anything that I didn’t do when I was an aircraft mechanic. Yes, it is a tough job. Did I mind? No. It was a good job no matter how tough it was. I was able to afford to take care of my two sons without worry. We had excellent benefits which kept me from the worry of not having insurance for me or my sons.

I will tell yáll more about my adventures in that job field at another time. Right now, I do not even want to think about the way that women were treated. I had my fair share of being jerked around because I was a woman. I managed to deal with it up to a point. That part will come later.

Fall In Love With Yourself

We often hear people talking about falling in love but when is the last time that you fell in love with yourself?

A lot of people are already shaking their heads after reading that first sentence. They think that I am nuts but let me tell you a secret. How can we love others in life, if we do not truly love ourselves?

If we do not like the person who lives inside of our bodies, we are not happy? We can not find joy anywhere no matter how much we seek it.

The trick to fall in love with ourselves based strictly on our opinion and experience, is to get up each day and while brushing our teeth, look at ourselves the mirror.

Oh, you do not like looking at yourself in the mirror? Have you ever thought as to why? Maybe you do not like who you are. Maybe you have physical flaws that you do not enjoy seeing.

Well, let me tell you. You may not can change the physical imperfections but you can learn to accept them and come to love that part of you. We are only human. Each of us have our flaws that we might like to change. However, instead of changing them, why not learn to accept them? Others accept them in us without us even realizing it.

Now on to the inter self. What do you not like about the inside of the wonderful person that you can be/are? Do you have fear, hate, anxiety, jealous feelings, regrets, or many other feelings, eating you alive each and everyday of your life?

You can change all of that. Learn to love yourself and those feelings will vanish in time. So here is my challenge to you. Do this twice a day everyday for at least 30 days. Promise not me but yourself that you will do it. It has been researched and shown that it only takes 30 days to make or break a habit.

Look in that mirror and tell yourself that you are a wonderful worthwhile human being. Tell yourself that you love you and mean it. You might feel silly doing it but do it anyway. Remember everyday for 30 days. After those thirty days are up, you will find yourself doing it without thinking.

In time, the bad feelings you are carrying around in your heart not only about yourself but for others, will start go away. Why? Because you very well may fall in love with yourself all over again. I did.

We fall in and out of love with ourselves from time to time. However, if we practice deciding to have a great attitude, showing love for others from our heart, not allowing fear to control our feelings…and these are just a few thoughts on this, we will start to see ourselves as a wonderful worth while person. Someone that we can love. Not only that but we will find that people will notice that we are different. They may not know exactly what it is that has changed, but they will start to respond to us in a very positive way.

Now, go find that mirror.

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Working In A Man’s World Part II

F 4 Jet
I never will forget carrying that tool box with me across what we called the field, my first day on the job. The field was a huge paved area in front of the hangers where planes were taken out, after being worked on. The parking lot was about a half mile away. Walking into work had my heart pumping by the time I got inside because I had to walk really fast. Most of the time, I was there only five minutes before the whistle blew. Why? I do not know. Maybe I had rather have been someplace else. A place that wasn’t so cold in the winter or blazing hot in the summer. Hangers do not have air conditioning or heat that one can feel. Girlie girls would never last. Not even one day.

I walked inside not knowing what to expect since I have never been inside. It was in January and the hanger doors were closed. The inside was dim by comparison to the outside. Plus, it was cold as ice in the freezer. Every head turned to see me with long blond hair walking in with a tool box. Oh, they knew that I had come to work as I was dressed in jeans and boots. I walked in not knowing who to see or where to find them. It didn’t take long. Some guy walked up to me and asked who I would be working for. I told him a guy by the name of Taco. When I met him, I knew why. He had a dark mustache that made him look like a desperado. As it turned out, this guy was great. One of the best guys that I worked for while I was there.

I looked around and there were about four jets on each side of the front of the hanger. Eight more were across the center line in the back. The center line is what we called the middle of the hanger. There was an isle in the middle of each hanger and the center line went all the way thought the entire ten hangers on site.

I feel like the new kid on the block who had just moved to town and didn’t know but one person. That didn’t make me feel any better because he was my brother in law. He was not my favorite person in the world. His job was a crew chief boss. I worked in a crew. It was the engine crew. A woman had never held that position so, I was in for it. Oh dear, me breaking new ground. This was going to be fun. Was it? Not really. I have my fond memories and my terrible memories. As I continue with this blog, I will be telling stories about my life in the place I call a man’s world. Trust me. It was.

I Am But One Woman

One Woman

Judge me not for I am but one woman
A woman with my own thoughts and feelings
Of  how things should be only for me
My attitude belongs only to me
My love is unconditional for most
It is nice when returned without conditions
Do I expect it from others?
Not really, as not all approve of me
However, I will continue to be true to myself
In whatever I do in this lovely life
My life belongs only to me
I savor each day with relish
Not knowing what will come my way
To brighten the moment
Sweet moments are treasured
As I close my eyes for a moment in thanks
It might not have been so
But I chose to be happy today
I chose to wake with love in my heart.
So judge me not
As I will never judge others
As I have never walked not one step in their shoes.©
written by bjt 4/07/2009

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