Beware Optimist Person Aboard

In my life, I have found that to be a pessimist only brings worry and fretful feelings of discontent. Anxiety takes over people’s lives and they can not be as productive as they could be. Some people do not seem to be able to look at the positive side of life. My heart goes out to them because they are not living a happy life.

For the most of my life, I have been an optimist. It was a choice that I made. Anyone can make that choice but living it is another thing. We sometimes have to let a few friends or family members not have too much access to our lives if they are a pessimist person. We also have to remind ourselves daily that we want good things to come our way.

If one is looking for a job and they think they will get one, they usually do. It also applies to one not thinking they will get one. It has to do with how we feel about ourselves as a person.

People who bring negativity to me are not welcome. Right now, I have a friend I have been talking to about how to look at things with a positive attitude. I thought that I was making some progress with them but I fear that I was only kidding myself. This person told me they needed me in their life. The reason being is because I am happy and laugh a lot. I look at the bright side of things and do not dwell on the negative.

For a little while, when this person started being so negative, I could pull them out of it. They would start laughing with me and we would enjoy our time talking. Then, I noticed that they reverted back to their old ways and I do not have time to baby sit someone trying to keep them in a good mood.

However, as much as I am bright, cheerful and positive when in conversation with my friend, they can not see that things in their life would improve if only, they changed what they expect to happen.

That is where optimism comes in. If a person looks at a problem in life and expects the best will come of it, they have a better chance of good actually happening. If they expect the worst, one can bet the worst will happen.

I have a theory about this. I have also written about this many times in hopes that just one person will understand and apply it to their lives.

Our brain reacts to what we tell it. If we tell it good things all the time, after a while, our brain will take over and we will start seeing things in a positive way. However, if we tell our brain that we are a failure, then it will respond in such a way that we will fail. How many of y’all have seen someone who never thought good would happen in their lives? Did that person have good happen? Think about that for a moment.

I am not sure why people develop such negative attitudes in life but if they could only try to change with daily affirmations, they could change and be happy, productive and happy people.

After saying all of that, I suppose it is clear that I am very optimist woman and I always will be. I have my days when I feel a bit blue as everyone does. The difference is that I do not dwell on what has made me feel blue. I pull myself together and get back to the business of being positive which brings me much joy in my life.

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Talking To My Sixteen Year Old Self

Sassy at 16

Honey, you don’t know it now but your life is going to be awesome. Quit worrying about everything and just take life as it comes.

Dream big, big dreams because all the dreams that you dreamed have already come true. See? If you had dreamed bigger and better dreams, you might be a famous writer today. Remember that book you started last year? Yep, that one. If you had faith in your abilities, you would have already been on book signing tours many years ago.

One thing that I am very pleased about is that you had children early in life. What a great thing you did. You grew up with your sons. They loved having a a young mom. You played ball with them, took them places, and just had a great time. Plus, you were a rocking mom but still managed to teach them all the right things to be great adults in life.

Now, they are grown with children of their own and you are still young enough to really get a kick out of life. You will learn to love yourself without conditions. Your self confidence will be awesome. I know you don’t believe this now but it is true. Oh, and you will find happiness living alone. Yep, hard to believe isn’t it? Don’t worry darling. You are so much brighter, prettier, aware and braver than you think.

When your day comes to get out in this world, just grab hold and down let go because honey, it is going to be one heck of a ride.

I love you baby more than you will ever know.

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Racking Up Points For The Afterlife

If life were a board game with the purpose of racking up points for your afterlife, what do you think should be on the board game?

I just read a blog that started me thinking about this. Many people believe in Karma which with my limited knowledge is doing good things, so that good will come your way. If you do bad things, then you can expect bad things to happen to you as well.

Christians think according to the Bible, that for every good deed done, it will be repaid ten times over. So, with those thoughts in mind, and thinking that all of this comes into play to gain you a good place in your afterlife, what do you consider some the more important things to do in life? This is a question that you can take with you each day. Just think about it. Don’t be in a hurry but as you go about your day, stop and think about what should be given more importance.

In my mind, I think that random acts of kindness should be on that board game. Also, helping others who have less in life would have a spot. There are many people who have a hard time even meeting the basic needs in their lives. Most of these people can not help their situation. If only we as neighbors, friends or even as a stranger to these people, would reach out to help in any way possible, it would make a huge difference in their lives.

However, there is something else that needs to be considered. If the person is capable of working, should we offer a job no matter how meager? Should we offer to teach them something that would be useful to help them? There is an old saying that I have heard for years. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”

Many of us have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things in life. Sharing that knowledge with someone just may help them down the road. We never know the affect of what we do or say to someone will have on people but you can bet that it does.

This gets back to doing acts of kindness. Many people do not see teaching as an act of kindness but in my mind it is.

List what you think should have a spot of your game board. I would be very interested.

Fall In Love With Yourself

We often hear people talking about falling in love but when is the last time that you fell in love with yourself?

A lot of people are already shaking their heads after reading that first sentence. They think that I am nuts but let me tell you a secret. How can we love others in life, if we do not truly love ourselves?

If we do not like the person who lives inside of our bodies, we are not happy? We can not find joy anywhere no matter how much we seek it.

The trick to fall in love with ourselves based strictly on our opinion and experience, is to get up each day and while brushing our teeth, look at ourselves the mirror.

Oh, you do not like looking at yourself in the mirror? Have you ever thought as to why? Maybe you do not like who you are. Maybe you have physical flaws that you do not enjoy seeing.

Well, let me tell you. You may not can change the physical imperfections but you can learn to accept them and come to love that part of you. We are only human. Each of us have our flaws that we might like to change. However, instead of changing them, why not learn to accept them? Others accept them in us without us even realizing it.

Now on to the inter self. What do you not like about the inside of the wonderful person that you can be/are? Do you have fear, hate, anxiety, jealous feelings, regrets, or many other feelings, eating you alive each and everyday of your life?

You can change all of that. Learn to love yourself and those feelings will vanish in time. So here is my challenge to you. Do this twice a day everyday for at least 30 days. Promise not me but yourself that you will do it. It has been researched and shown that it only takes 30 days to make or break a habit.

Look in that mirror and tell yourself that you are a wonderful worthwhile human being. Tell yourself that you love you and mean it. You might feel silly doing it but do it anyway. Remember everyday for 30 days. After those thirty days are up, you will find yourself doing it without thinking.

In time, the bad feelings you are carrying around in your heart not only about yourself but for others, will start go away. Why? Because you very well may fall in love with yourself all over again. I did.

We fall in and out of love with ourselves from time to time. However, if we practice deciding to have a great attitude, showing love for others from our heart, not allowing fear to control our feelings…and these are just a few thoughts on this, we will start to see ourselves as a wonderful worth while person. Someone that we can love. Not only that but we will find that people will notice that we are different. They may not know exactly what it is that has changed, but they will start to respond to us in a very positive way.

Now, go find that mirror.

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