People who will always be young.

I was thinking about getting older one day this week when it occurred to me that there are many people who will always be young.  Why?  Because they died young.  I had a dear friend who died at forty as I blogged about earlier this year.

Let’s take a short journey of some famous people who will never get old.  We will never see them age.  They will always be young in our eyes.  It is kind of an interesting thought to me.

After writing this, my first thought was that I will never complain about getting older again.  Thankfully, I will grow old gracefully and will be able to enjoy my grandchildren.  My wish is that these people could have lived a long life too.

Thanks to all of them for the memories.  They will forever be remembered.

Bruce Lee

Buddy Holly

Jim Morrison

Janis Joplin

Jane Mansifield

Anna Nicole Smith

Health Ledger

Marilyn Monroe

John Candy

John Belushi

Jimi Hendrix

James Dean


Chris Farley


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