i remember a  time when saying Merry Christmas was just want people said as a greeting to everyone during the season.  Now, it seems that I get messages from people wishing me a happy holiday.  No, The reason for the season is because Christ was born to be the Lord and Savior of anyone who will accept His grace and follow Him.


So, it will always be Merry Christmas to me.  When I meet strangers while shopping it is Merry Christmas.  I am not worried about offending anyone.  If I do, that is their problem and not mind since America was build on Christianity.   I am sure they will get over it. If I was in a country that celebrated a religious holiday, I would greet them with whatever they say. When I speak of Christ to people, some respond beautifully and are excited to talk about Jesus.  However, there are those who are not excited and will change the subject in a minute.

In fact, I belong to a site online and one person who has been a friend is an atheist.  That person told me that I was too smart and well educated to believe in all of that non sense.  Boy…did I have to sit on that message for a long time before I answered.  I prayed about it asking God to guide me when I replied.  I certainly didn’t want to come across as a hateful person.  He would have enjoyed that.  I finally replied and  told him that I was insulted by his remark and would appreciate it if he didn’t send messages to me like that again.

Well, on Facebook, he blurted out some mean things about God and that was all I could take. I told him that I didn’t see his point in bringing such a thing up on Facebook in the first place.  Nothing was on his page to indicate that he needed to say anything.  I told him that I was offended that he would use such language concerning my Father God who has healed me twice this year.  I also put the sinners prayer on his page and told him that I hoped the day would come when he would use it.

I then deleted him from both of my sites.  Why be exposed to someone who doesn’t believe as I do?  Especially, when they seem to want to rub it into my face. There isn’t.

I suppose one can say that I am not politically correct but I am not concerned with it.  Others may be but I am sorry that I do not feel the need to be.

So, to all of my Christian friends out there, Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.




What? A Family Member Doesn’t Like Me?

I have to just sit back and laugh when I think about my sister.  She and I grew up sleeping in the same bed, playing in the creek together and just having fun.  She was always my best friend.


because I felt so close to her, my eyes and ears were closed to all that she did in life that hurt others including me.  That is until a few years ago.

We have been agreeable to some extent for a while but only because I was the one making the effort.  It was hard for me to realize that she didn’t like me at all.  (A friend suggested one day that she might be jealous. ) No one should be jealous of me because we all have our special talents in life.   .Anyway,  I should have known but in my heart, I am a peace loving woman.  In my life, when things go bad, I am always looking for the bright sun hiding behind the clouds.  I never stop long enough to think how others truly are.  I just accept them because they are who they are.

That is the key thing with me.  It is my nature to just allow people to be who they are.  I can accept who they are or I can chose to not have anything to do with them.  That is easier to do with a friend or acquaintance than with a family member.  Family members are always showing up at family functions.  People do not say, “Well, we can’t invite this person or that because they do not like each other.”  However, that is now the case.  My number one sister has hosted holiday get togethers for years and now, I am not invited.   That is very hurtful to me.

My sister and I have a younger sister who lived half the distance of the state from us.  My sister was always trying to get my youngest sister to move up here to be close to us.  I never asked her to move because she is a grown woman and I knew that she would do what she wanted.  All I wanted for her was to be happy wherever she lived.  Sister number one…as I will refer to her was always begging sister number 2 to move.  When she finally decided to move, she even went down to help her.  I thought that was nice.

Sister number one even demanded that sister number 2 move in with her until she found a place to live.  While sister number two was looking for a home to buy, she never asked her sister to go out with her to look at houses.  She knew that their thoughts on what type of home to buy were way too different,  I didn’t blame her but sister number one took it wrong and had her feelings hurt.  Needless to say, before my youngest sister could get moved out, the other sister was giving her grief.  My youngest sister had to come live with me for a week because the youngest sister’s dog scratched the bedroom door while she was at work.  I could have been repaired but no, the other sister demanded a new door plus a professional carpet cleaning before my youngest sister moved and that had to be in CASH.  So little sister brought her dog and stayed with me for a week.  On moving day, she wouldn’t allow her own sister to be at her house to move.   The movers had to move her things without the youngest sister even being there.

Our sister got mad at me too because I took up for my youngest sister,  When she refused to allow her to be there on moving day, I asked our sister number one who she wanted me to tell about her past life first……her preacher, she friends at church or her good friend down the street,  By the way, she isn’t friends with that lady any longer and has dropped out of church saying that since back surgery, she doesn’t feel like going and that has been nearly two years, but she can do some more shopping.  Just for the record, I don’t have a church home except the many ministers I watch on television.

As I am writing this, I see all the times that she used me to her advantage.  I was like a blind bird just flying along without giving it any thought.  It has been two years ago and she still hasn’t spoken to me but a few times,  She stopped by when I had a new bath installed.  Back in my early days at home, my mother would call that kind of person nosey.

Now, to top all of this off, my baby sister doesn’t speak to me either.  They both are too interested in how I live my life.  My son lives with me and they do not approve.  My son and I do not always get along and sometimes we have words,  At least, I can depend on him to help me out when needed.  I can’t depend on them for anything.  There was a long time that I cried all the time and still do at times but I am not eat up with their rejection as much as I once was.  I just figure that by not being around either of them, they are saving me a lot of grief.  Women who are always trying to control others aren’t my favor people to spend time with in life.

The reason for my youngest sister putting me out of her life is a hoot,  Make sure to check back if you are interested in some good drama and I will tell that story.  It is better than this one.

I think some may be wondering why I am writing  this.  Well, I suppose because my youngest sister reads my blogs and I hope she will see how ridiculous all of this is.

Elderly Crossing. Grandchildren Help!

The last day of this month, I will be sixty-five.  What?  How in the Lord’s heaven did that happen?   It seems like just few years back that I had children at home.   I tell my sons now to enjoy the years they have with their children at home because they are the best years of a person’s life.  It was for me.  I had someone to interact with each day.  Someone I loved and wanted to guide.  They may not have enjoyed my guidance but they heard what I had to say anyway.

Life was so sweet in those days.

Then there was the years of the grandchildren.  I don’t  feel like I am at that stage now but I am.  The best years was when the boys who belong to my oldest son were little.  I never had to disciple them.  They were great children raised by great parents.  Those boys never embarrassed anyone anywhere.   I give the most of the credit to their mom.  However, when mom needed backup, all my son had to do was walk into the room.  He has a huge presence.  They love their dad.  Of course, they love mom too but it is different.  I know.  Mom is the one who nurture us.  Dad’s are there to protect us.

Me when my grandson were still young with my friend Boat Dawg.

Anyway, I have been having problems with my health for about a year now.  I have spent too much time in the doctors office to only have arthritis.   That is what I thought but not so.  People do not realize that when a person has arthritis, they live in pain most days.  I do.  I kept thinking there was something that could be done to help with the pain.  Yesterday, my doctor who specializes in my problem told me that all that could be done had been done.

I am not giving up because I have enrolled in therapy.  The main thing I am interested in is the water therapy.  One can do exercises to stay strong and flexible.  Hopefully, that will help.  If it doesn’t, I suppose I am doomed to living my life on pain medication.  I take it now just to get through the day.

I have to stay on top of my game because of my darling five year old grand daughter.  She is like a bolt of lightning.    She is on the move all the time.  Well, there are those moments when she sits in my lap to be read to or to just kiss me and tell me that I am the greatest Nana in the world wide world.  Now, those are precious times.  They will not last too long because they grow too fast.  Even now, she will go into her room and change clothes telling me that she is getting ready for her date.  I ask who is taking her out and she tells me the name of a little boy who is in kindergartener with her.

Look at Me/remind you of someone? Maybe MaDonna

Sometimes, we play make believe and I am him.  Oh, his name is Jacob.  I will be Jacob and we have these grand conversations.  Then she will want me to be her teacher or she will ask if she can call me mommy.  We have great fun play acting.  I think it is a good thing because it is preparing her for growing up.  Or, it could be as simple as her play acting with the people she loves the most.

I have had a lot of fun in my sixty-five years and I have had some bad times.  I try to never look back on the bad.  They serve no purpose.  For now, I plan to just enjoy the grandchildren and the friends I have.  Life is still good and I plan to do all  I can to keep it that way.

Cell Phone Challengened

Both my sons have fancy cell phone.  They come by and while here, show me what they will do.  I never intended to get behind on any technology that I use.  However, I am a total dork when it comes to using a cell phone.  Back when I bought my first one, one couldn’t even text on them.  Now, they are like mini computers.  I can text but I do it using my computer.  If I had to send a message using those small keys on a cellphone, I don’t think it would happen.

My son was trying to decide what browser to use on his phone.  What?  Now one can use a browser?  Amazing.  I should have known since I have friends who tell me about going online using their phones.   I just can’t imagine it being a satisfying experience with such a small screen.   If I were to ever buy a new one, it would have to have the gadget that would allow me to enlarge the text or photos by touching the screen.  Plus, the screen would have to be big enough for me to truly see the content.

All the time that I have been watching the criminal shows on television, I still didn’t realize that technology was so far advanced.  Do y’all remember watching  NCIS and how they can touch the screen than makes what they are viewing bigger?  Well, I must be getting slow because I thought that was just something  kind of sci-fi.  It seems that I have done what I claimed I would never do.  I have become cell phone challenged.  I am not sure if I had one I could use it.

I think it is time the cell phone was given a new name.  Think about it.  Maybe Cellputer would be a good name.  Think about all they can do. They have alarms for waking you, they have calculators,  are internet friendly, can take photos, text,  some have a GPS system so people never get lost.  I am sure I am missing a lot of features but since I do not own one, what do I know?  Not much.

I suppose I could give up my computer, my alarm clock and my digital camera if I bought one.  What would be the point of owning all the other items if I had a new fangled cell phone?

No, I think I will keep my computer, camera and alarm clock for now.  Who knows but the day may come when we all will only have a cell phone to do all that is necessary to get though the day. Back when I was growing up, we had a telephone but we had to share the line with at least 6 other people.  It was called a party line.  If someone was calling our phone number, it would ring two short rings, another families phone might have one long ring. That was how we knew who’s phone was being called.  I remember my grandmother sitting at a phone table listening in on other people’s conversations.  Yes, she lived in the country and I suppose that was like watching or should I say listening to a soap opera.

This looks like the one my grand mother owned.

We have come a long way in such a short distance of time.  It makes me wonder what technology will be like in just five more years.

At The Oscars; When We Love Someone

In 1976 when Rich Man Poor Man came on television as a mini series, I fell for a young actor by the name of Nick Nolte.  He played the part of a young boxer.  I have followed his career all of these years.  Tonight I watched the Oscars.  He was nominated as a male in a supporting role in Warrior.  He was interviewed before the Oscars started.  I looked to see if anyone was with him.  Remember he at one time was voted the Sexiest Man Alive.  He was alone at the Oscars and that broke my heart.  I wanted him to have someone on his arm to give him support and to soften the blow if he didn’t win.  Not that it mattered to him.  Or I should say it may not have mattered but I think it does to anyone who is nominated.

Rich Man Poor Man

Sexiest Man Alive

He went on to do many movies and I think I have seen all of them.  He is without a doubt in my mind a very accomplished actor.  Tonight as the camera scanned the crowd, the one person I wanted to see was him.  Finally, Billy Crystal who hosted the show said something about each supporting actor and the camera went to Nick.   Billy made him smile with a wise crack and I also smiled.  It was so refreshing to see the beautiful smile that I have watched all of these years.  Age hasn’t been good to him but to me, when I look at him, I see the young man who was once one of the most handsome men in Hollywood.  I will always see him like that.

The last movie he played in where I thought he was just as handsome as ever was I Love Trouble with Julia Roberts.  Both were news reporters.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it is worth watching because of the fun and mischief.  He smiled a lot in that movie and I was glued to the screen waiting for the next beautiful smile.  Remember, I fell for this actor a long time ago.  Never has anyone in Hollywood had such an affect on me as Nick Nolte.

Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts

After all of these years, Nick Nolte is still one of my favorite film stars because he was good in anything he acted in.  We all loved him in 48 Hours with Eddie Murphy.   He played the leading role in Down and Out In Beverly Hills as a homeless man.  Richard Dreyfuss and Bette Midler played the supporting roles.  Their family was extremely dysfunctional to say the least as a rich couple with children as weird as them and a dog who needed therapy.  The husband Dave found Jerry (Nick Nolte) in his swimming pool one morning where he intended to drown himself.   As an act of kindness,Dave took him into their home.  From there it is nothing but laughs.  Watch it if you haven’t.  You will enjoy it a lot.  I promise.

Nick Nolte

Another film he had the lead in with Barbara Streisand titled Prince of Tides which won him the Golden Globe Award was a very good movie.  By the way, she directed him in the film.  Check it out sometimes.

To finish my story, I told my husband back in the nineties that if Nick Nolte ever knocked on our door, that he should just get up and leave because he would be staying the night.  ha ha…..I truly found him that appealing.

Nick I will always love you.  To me you are a wonderful actor.  You have given me great joy over the years showing off your awesome talent in all the movies you have made.  I have searched out every movie you have played in and either watched it at the movies or rented it.

Nick Nolte and Barbara Striesand

So to end, I will say that when we love someone, we want only the best of them.  Tonight, I wanted him to win the Oscar.  I also wanted him to have a date with him.    I will leave you with one of my favorite photos of Nick Nolte.  It is strange how when I search online for photos of him, I can find a ton of him looking terrible but very few when he was in his best years.  People are cruel when a person has problems in life.  They have little forgiveness.  I do.  I love you Nick.  Keep doing what you do best and that is probably making movies.

Killer Storms in Alabama

Alabama has always been a place where people expected to have bad storms.  Lately, it seems that we have really be blasted with more than enough.  Thirty-seven people were killed when storms came roaring though our state starting last night and into today.   When tornadoes, straight line winds and thunderstorms hit our state, it isn’t pretty.  This happens every year.

I just read where the president declared an emergency existence in the state.  FEMA will control 75% of federal funding for our state as of April 27, 2011.   I hope they hurry as I know there are many people without homes not to mention being without electricity.  There are tornado warnings, flood and severe thunderstorm warnings still in effect.

I woke late to notice that my power was out.  After being a bit confused from walking around trying to decide what to do about my coffee, I decided that I needed to go out for it.  On leaving the house, I noticed my street was blocked off in front of my home.  A tree was being taken down.  Later, I learned that it had fell on a power line, thus, me not having power.  Nothing new.  So, I start to drive up into my small town.   As I was driving, I noticed that no one has power.  Finally, I reached the Sonic and they were so busy that cars were parked behind other cars.  I thought that was strange.

I am just now updating this.  It seems that

According to The Weather Channel, there were 130 tornado reports today alone in the state of Alabama and a total of 72 people have been killed.  This is of 11:34 PM on Wednesday night.

Damage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Another view in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

People watching a tornado approaching in Cullman, Alabama

Super Huge Tornado

Two women lucky to be alive after the storm

Tuscaloosa, Alabama storm damage

Anyway, I started to my sons home to check on them as I didn’t have phone service at home.  As I was driving though their community which has many, many trees, I saw trees on houses, trees on power lines and was very concerned about what I would find at my son’s home.  On arriving, my oldest grandson was in the driveway. No power at their house either.  A tree from the neighbors yard was over on their fence but not their home.  I was so happy.  However, my daughter in law drove up to say she had been at her parents home and they had lost 20 trees which took power lines down when they fell.  Alabama Power Company said that it might be two weeks before power could be restored at their home.

After leaving, I found out that people not far from me had lost their lives because a tornado ripped though their community.  Also on television, I was watching the biggest funnel cloud as it headed toward Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

My prayer are for those who have lost loved ones, lost their homes or have been affected in anyway.

Elizabeth Taylor…What Joy She Gave Us

It was sad for me to read about Liz Taylor dying.  We all knew it would happen in time just as we know that anyone we know who is older will die.  Liz gave us a lot of first class movies to watch.   She was good at her craft.  I have missed watching her but I knew her movie making days were over.

Liz in National Velvet

“National Velvet” was her first hit at the box office.  It was a sweet story and I enjoyed watching it as many did.  She was just a child but she already had talent.

One of my favorite films she made was “Giant” with Rock Hudson and James Dean which came out in 1956 but I didn’t see it until many years later.  That story was interesting because they took that family from their young years on the ranch into their old age.  Kind of amazing to see how Hollywood made them all look older in the fifties.  I couldn’t imagine Elizabeth Taylor as ever being old.


Another movie that I adored watching and still do when I can was “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.”  Partly because it took place in the south and I am a southern woman.  Another reason was because of Paul Newman.  I loved Paul Newman back in the day as almost every woman did.  He was hot and sultry.

Tennessee Williams who wrote the story had a flare for describing the dynamics of family life in the South.

Liz and Paul...Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

At age 28 she won the Academy Award for Butterfield 8.  A movie consider a melodrama.  Her talent in this movie was outstanding.  Not only that but she was just about at her peek in her beauty to me.   I can’t remember but I think this is the only movie where she dies.  I remember crying as I watched it.

Scene in Butterfield 8

Many people have had their say about her drug abuse.  Not me.  We all in life have our problems.  Had she not gone into rehab for help, not many people would have known.

Plus, she was known for her many marriages.  If I am correct, she married 8 times.  My mother never forgave her for breaking up the marriage of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.  Probably the one man most people remember the most was to Richard Burton. She and Burton had met before the making of Cleopatra.   He flirted with her but she told him she would not be another notch on his belt.  When the met on the set of Cleopatra, they started an affair that rocked the world.  The Vatican even wrote about it.  The front page headlines of a space mission here in the states had to take second billing to their affair.

In fact, she was married to Richard Burton for ten years only to get a divorce.  About 16 months after their divorce, they remarried.  It was published that they drank, had stormy fights and would make up as if nothing had happened.  They both were married when they met on the set to do Cleopatra.

While watching” Who Is Afraid of Virginia Wolfe”, I always wondered if this was a bit like their life.  Not that the movie was glamors but the man and wife drank too much, were both abusive and not any couple that anyone would want to socialize with in life.  To watch a trailer of the movie, click on the link below.

Richard Burton gave Liz the famous 33.19-carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond, in 1968.  I was shocked and so was the world.  This was probably the most money any man had ever spent on a piece of jewelry for a woman at the time and maybe since.

To read about his purchases of jewelry for Liz you can read this link.

Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t boring.  She lived a lavish life that was read about by many.  For decades she was the talk of all the Tabloids.  My thought is that Elizabeth Taylor was who she was in life.  Now, my wish is for her to rest in peace.  I loved you Elizabeth Taylor.  You bought me a lot of joy though watching your  movies.

Credits for some of my information.

Helping A Friend In A Time Of Grief

I got home Sunday night about 9:30. Little sister picked me up. We had to hit the grocery store before coming home since I gave away all of the food in the fridge before I left. It was late by the time I settled down. She and I had to catch up on things even though she called me a lot while I was gone.

A good airline to use

When we arrived at the airport, A. J. parked right in front knowing he may have been asked to move but he stood with me until the Sky Cap checked my bags. He tipped him for me and then he parked and came inside to sit with me until I had to go though security. It was a bitter sweet moment. He stood so he could see me until I was out of site. I kept looking back and he was standing there like he was guarding me. He had told me not to cry but the closer I got to where I could not see him, well, the tissue came out. Finally, when I knew I would be out of site, I told him bye and blew him a kiss as he did. Then I was gone.
Some women wish. :)
The next part is always fun. Having to take off my shoes, jacket and put everything in bins to be examined. I get the full treatment since I have an artificial knee. They have to pat me down in front of everyone. Oh, they ask if I want to do it in private but I just figure everyone needed to see this older lady being patted down and wonder if I am a bad woman. ha ha….It helps to get a seat alone if one is available.

Leaving him with so much to do was hard but I needed to come home for a lot of reasons. If not, I might have still been there as hard as it was. I have to have this kidney stone blasted to hell and back.

It is a hard thing to watch a person take apart their parents home of fifty years knowing they will never walk back in the door to see it looking like it once did again.   I don’t think he could have done that first part without someone who cared to be there with him. He cried a lot, would get hurt and angry. It was just heart breaking to watch.   He grew up in that home. It was his home from the time he was just a little boy. In fact, the room where I slept was once his room.  The furniture he had as a child was nice and looked nearly new. That was a surprise.  Most people do not take such good care of their furniture.

The bad part was his dad dying in the middle of us sorting and packing. It slowed things down. He grieved and grieved. So sad. I told him about a pamphlet he needed to get on grieve. He said he didn’t need it. He was just lashing out because of the hurt.  Yesterday, he told me the funeral home sent a package that offered counseling on grieve. He said he was going. I was so glad. Finally, he was beginning to see things like I had hoped.

His brother was in rehab and he couldn’t get him to talk to him. His brother was suppose to be the executor of the estate but now he can’t so A. J. has to do it all. He and his brother finally did talk when he went home from rehab. They sorted out what the brother wanted which wasn’t much.

I made friends with the couple across the street. The gentleman was very fond of me and my southern ways. They had us over once but the Friday night before I left, they took us out because I would be leaving. I had a great time. Two martinis later and I was the life of the party. Dang but I am a cheap date.  It was just wonderful to have people be so fond of me.  Anytime that I was there alone, I knew all I had to do was call them for anything and they would oblige me.  Later, they bought 3 pieces of very nice collectible furniture that my friend had planned to take outside and burn.  He had no  clue they had value.  Anyway, their daughter who lives in New York will be enjoying them soon enough.
I am glad that I went but I can say it was a strain. I have never been away from home that long.  When I walked in the door of my home that night, I looked around and was shocked that everything was so clean. I had cleaned everything before I left.

While I was gone, everything was in a mess.  Sorting thought things of 50 years wasn’t easy.  We would put things in a place of safe keeping only to forget where we put them.  There were important papers from when his parents came to this country in 1949 to escape the Communist.  His parents marriage licenses were found but they were written in Ukrainian.   A. J. speaks Ukrainian so, it wasn’t a problem for him.  He spoke their language before he spoke English.

Ukraine Location on Map

It has taken me three days to unpack.  All I have wanted to do is sleep. Today, I finally feel like I may stay awake all day. Would I do it again? I sure would. It feels good in my heart to know that I made a difference in someone’s life who needed it.

Southern Home Made Biscuits Ahhh!!

I have been making biscuits since I was about ten years old.  My mom taught me to make them the way she did which wasn’t that much fun or easy.  She put flour in a large bowl, took her fist and made a well in the middle by pressing the flour down.  After that, she would put in the buttermilk and shortening.  I think it was lard back in those days and take her hand and squeeze the milk and lard together as she pulled in a bit of flour from the edges until she had the dough form a ball.  That wasn’t fun because the milk would be too cold and when I was finished, my fingers were freezing.  Then I had to pinch off a bit of the dough and roll it between floured hands and put them in a pan close together.

Times changed and so did the way I made biscuits.  In time, I figured out that I could measure the flour into the bowl, add the shortening and then buttermilk.  It has to be the right kind of ingredients.   In the south, we use soft winter flour.  My personal choice is White Lily and I always use Crisco.  I never buy a knock off brand or store brand of solid shortening.  Crisco is all I ever use.

One has to have a dough cutter to cut the shortening into the flour.  Cut the shortening until it forms little pea size bits.  Then add the buttermilk and stir until the dough starts to pull away from the bowl.  Don’t overwork it.  Be very careful to be gentle with the dough for soft biscuits.  A stainless steel bowl or a glass bowl is what I use.  Never use aluminum.  It isn’t good because the biscuits can take on a bad taste from being mixed in aluminum.   Most folks know not to cook in aluminum now days anyway.

When the dough is ready, I have a board or a clean counter top ready with flour that I have sprinkled on it.  I turn the dough out and (very gently) pad it down to about 3/4″ to 1″ flat.  I then take a sharp biscuit cutter to cut them quickly. Never twist the cutter just press down until the biscuit is cut though.  One can make a biscuit cutter out of a vegetable can if they do not have one.  Be sure to flip the biscuit when you put it in the pan.  When the cutter presses down on the dough, it needs to be flipped to get the biscuits to rise correctly.  Many people do not know this trick but I learned as I went.

I put the biscuits in a dark pan that has been lightly greased.  They cook at 450 degrees until the tops are nice and golden brown.  Using a dark pan will ensure that the bottoms will be brown too.  What I want in a biscuit is for it to be golden brown with a crust on the outside and soft on the inside.  There isn’t a man in the south who would not love having a great home made biscuit for breakfast.  Heck, he might eat a half dozen.  So, if you are cooking for a man, make sure to cook plenty.  Biscuits can be kept in a covered bowl for a few days on the counter. Did you notice the little biscuit on the plate?  That is what we call a baby biscuit.  If there is any dough left, we use it even if it isn’t large as the rest.  Thus, at my home, they are called baby biscuits.  The children would fight over who got that one.  Too sweet just thinking about it.

What I like to do with old biscuits is to split them open, but butter or margarine on both sides and sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.  Then I pop them under the broiler until the butter is melted and the sugar is dissolved.  I have had friends visit from other parts of the country and when I made cinnamon biscuits from old ones, they simply loved them.

Don’t say you can’t make a good biscuit.  There were many things in life that you once couldn’t do but practice will prefect them.  I worked on making them forever and now, it is second nature to make them.  It will be for you too if you keep at it.

Look on the side of any bag of flour for the recipe.  I don’t need to tell you because I use the same amount of ingredients.  The thing with me now is that I don’t have to measure.  I have cooked them so long that I can just look at the amount going in and know if it is right.

Here is what the ingredients look like that I use.  You may not can find them in your part of the country but I will try to find a place so you can order them.

Crisco Shortening

White Lily Flour

One last thing and that is buttermilk.  Don’t try making biscuits with really drinking milk.  The buttermilk makes them worth eating.  In fact, one of my favorite moments is when the biscuits come out of the oven and I hold the pan up to smell them.  Ahhh, there is nothing like a buttermilk make biscuit.

Barber's Buttermilk.

Now, get busy and give it a try.  Your family will love you for putting a great bread on the table.  They aren’t hard to make and they sure beat making bread that has to be kneed.  Never, never knead them.  Good luck and have fun.  Baking is a joy to me and I hope it will be for you too.

Cleaning Up For Your Children

Rose In Memory of His Father

I just returned from helping a friend who needed to clear his parents home of fifty years of accumulated things.    It was not anything that could be done in two months.  When I first flew up, my plans were to stay for a month but I changed my mind.

People do not realize as they live their lives each day that something may or can happen to them tomorrow.  We all are guilty of keeping too many things that are not needed in our home.  On top of that, may people will not let go of things and rent storage to put them in.

His father was a doctor and had retired.  When he did, he bought home everything even the table he used to examine people.  He bought home drugs,  medical records and anything else that was there.  Even the posters that were on his walls.  I wonder if it ever occurred to him to just throw away most of the things.  We had to contact a group to disposes of medicines the proper way.  Now, my friend will have to jump through hoops just trying to do the proper thing about getting rid of the medical records.  His dad was not doing well mentally but no one understood that until his mother had a stroke.

His mother sewed.  She did brilliant embroidery work and had so many extra supplies  from years and years ago.  I know because she still had thread on wooden spools.  She had boxes and boxes of buttons, old sewing needles, yarn, knitting needles and fabric.  You name it and she had it.  She loved making pretty things but when her hands started to hurt from arthritis, she had to give it up.

What does keeping all of these things matter?  It matters a lot when someone else has to clean it out of a home.  One thing is certain, I came home with a new view on how I will leave my home to my children once I am gone.  It isn’t fair to expect our children to come behind us to clean up our mess.  A mess that we just didn’t take the time to clean up or one that we were not thinking was even there.  Sometimes, I feel that people do not realize that when they  put a receipt for something in a drawer that unless they are diligent in cleaning out their drawers and closets often, that receipt may be there 30 years later.  We found receipts from fifty years ago.

My friend feels overwhelmed.  He felt that way while I was there.  Before his father died, we had some  fun even in the middle of trying to make sense of all that was in the home.  Afterward, the fun stopped as he was grieving.  Not only was he grieving but he was angry.  I understand because that it is one of the  first steps of grief.  He didn’t understand.  When I would try to talk to him about it, he wasn’t interested.  It is hard to watch a person grieve knowing that there is nothing anyone can do.  That is a journey that a person has to make alone in life.  Sure good friends can reach out to them and try to give comfort but in the end, they will have to walk though that time alone.  We all do.  I have made that journey many times in my life.

In the mean time, his mom is still in a nursing home.  They are not treating her well.  Since she is in another state where is brother lives, it is hard for him to get there to see her as much as he would like.  He worries about her.  So, in the middle of grieving for his father, worrying about his mother, not being employed at the time, he still has to clean out this house by himself.  He is angry, confused, dazed and dismayed at what to do with everything.  He doesn’t have time to sell a lot of things since he needs to be looking for a job.  I know what he is going though since I was there.  It is like trying to reach the top of a mountain with branches of trees hitting you in the face with every step.    My heart goes out to my friend.  I would not wish this on anyone.

So, if your home is filled with paperwork that isn’t necessary, get rid of it.  If you have old clothes give them away.  Thin out the number of dishes you have in your kitchen.  When we reach a certain age, we do not entertain like we once did.  Do you really need all of those pots and pans in the kitchen?  When was the last time you cleaned out your closets, drawers or even the pantry?

Do your family a huge favor and save them from having to clean up after you when you are gone.  We never know when that day will come.  I plan to start with my project of cleaning out my home this week.  I would not like to  think of my children here in my home being unhappy when if I had planned like I should have, they would have little to do.  Burying your parents is bad enough.

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